Postgraduate Course in Content Creation and New Digital Narratives

19 MAY 2021
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18:30h, Online
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Postgraduate Course in Content Creation and New Digital Narratives prepares 21st century professionals in the design, production, and dissemination of original content on social networks and digital platforms.

  • Nuevas Narrativas Digitales
  • contenidos digitales
  • escritura digital
Next edition
Classes start
15 November, 2021
Program ends
15 March, 2022
Face-to-face period: from 15 November to 22 December. Distance learning period: from 7 January to 5 March.
Blended Learning
ECTS credits
4000 €

The Postgraduate Course in Content Creation and New Digital Narratives provides you with the most advanced knowledge, resources, and information in the field of digital narrative design and production. It will allow you to exercise some of the most demanding new professions today at the highest level: show runner, digital communicator, transmedia architect, influencer, scriptwriter of fiction and non-fiction projects, storyteller, community manager, designer of interactive experiences, or digital creator.

The postgraduate course addresses the essential contents of this new professional field, which continues to grow thanks to the exponential development of digital platforms and social networks. Throughout the course you will be trained in the most effective techniques for storytelling, single or serial, and through practical classes you will learn to design channels, profiles, videos, and stories to stand out on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and other content dissemination platforms. The program has the involvement of some of the most prominent writers, screenwriters, and digital creators in Spain and Latin America.

The program is taught by teachers who are the most important creators and digital managers in Latin America, such as Hernán Casciari, Sheila Blanco, Manuel Bartual, Javier Olivares, Verónica Ruiz del Vizo, Emma Rodero, María Jesús Espinosa de los Monteros, Diego Enrique Osorno, or Xavi Robles.

If at the end of the program you are interested in continuing your training in creative writing techniques, you will be able to validate 12 credits for the Master in Literary Creation.

Why choose this program


Be part of a pioneering program

It will allow you to train as a digital creator and as a transmedia storyteller at a time when the demand for these types of professional profiles continues to grow, both in the creative and information industries and in the generation of content for advertising and marketing.


Work in a media ecosystem

The program will give you the keys to understanding the new media ecosystem, characterized by the predominance of content platforms such as Netflix, HBO, Movistar, Spotify or Storytel and of social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or TikTok, for which thousands of creators and producers of different sizes work directly or indirectly.


Acquire practical tools

We will give you both creative tools and practical information, so that you are able both to design your digital and personal narrative projects and to seek strategies for their production, dissemination, and monetization.


Create a personal project

The postgraduate will challenge you to create a personal project. You should find the best way to make this real and successful, so that you reinforce your own personal brand.

Who is it for?

The Postgraduate Course in Content Creation and New Digital Narratives is aimed at graduates in the humanities, journalism, communication, marketing, advertising, graphic design or fine arts. It is also aimed at digital creators, professional storytellers, screenwriters and writers, people with a vocation as influencers and, in general, professionals in the field of communication, marketing, and advertising who wish to update their knowledge.

Admission and enrolment


The curriculum is designed to provide students with the theoretical and practical knowledge that will allow them to create their own stories and their own digital tales.

The postgraduate course is taught face-to-face for 5 months in Barcelona and 2 months online. It consists of compulsory subjects and optional subjects.

All compulsory subjects will be carried out jointly with the students of the Master in Literary Creation, with the exception of Creative Tools and Technologies.

Compulsory subjects

Writing: narrative structures
Non-fiction: documentary discourse
Story: short forms
Project development: digital platforms
Creative Tools and Technologies

Elective subjects

Series for platforms
Projects for YouTube
Projects for Twitter
Projects for Instagram and TikTok
Interactive narratives and Transmedia

Qualification obtained

Once you have passed the program, you will be awarded the degree of Diploma de Postgrado en Creación de Contenidos y Nuevas Narrativas Digitales, issued by Pompeu Fabra University.


Academic directors

Jorge Carrión Gálvez

Senior Lecturer BSM


Jorge Carrión Gálvez

Senior Lecturer BSM

Emma Rodero Antón

Associate Professor UPF-BSM

  • Manuel Bartual
    Scriptwriter and writer
    Expert on Twitter and the development of transmedia projects
  • Sheila Blanco
    Singer and composer.
    Digital creator.
  • Hernán Casciari
    Writer and communicator
    Director of Orsai magazine
  • María Jesus Espinosa De los Monteros
    Director of Podium Podcast.
    Professor of Radio Innovation.
    Journalist. He co-founded the digital radio station El Extrarradio.
  • Paty Godoy
    Journalist and documentarian.
    Author of interactive and transmedia projects.
  • Diego Enrique Osorno
    Writer, chronicler and director of documentaries.
    Bengal Agency Director.
  • Xavier Robles Sarries
    Cofundandor de la Vizz Agency y de Eurogamer
  • Verónica Ruiz del Vizo
    CEO of Mashup Interactive Agency (Miami)
    World Economic Forum Young Global LeaderExpert on Instagram


The postgraduate sessions have an eminently practical approach and are oriented towards active learning and stimulation of the student's creativity. Master classes will be combined with debates, workshops, and group projects. In addition to the teachers, there will be sessions with prestigious guests, all of whom have extensive experience in creating digital content and designing narrative experiences.


Practical sessions

The postgraduate sessions are all of a practical nature, so that the student learns through constant exercises that help stimulate their own creativity in order to obtain the best results.


Show and tell

The classrooms at UPF-BSM have the necessary technology for the "show and tell" of innovative reference projects, in order to guide the student to work independently with their own tools and devices.


Group projects

Teamwork and networking among students will be encouraged to the maximum, with the aim of promoting creative co-creation as much as possible.


Expert guests

Guests connected to the world of new digital narratives will share their experience and vision. We have the support of content producers such as Mediapro, Storytel, Serialify, Polford Studios, Podimo, Podium Podcast, Minoria Absoluta, and Revista Mongolia.


Evaluation will be continuous, with practical work in all the subjects. It will also include the development of a final project, a channel project, series, podcast, advertising campaign, digital or transmedia story, strategy for social networks, or similar.


The combination of online learning and face-to-face sessions favours the balance between theory and practice in a flexible learning process. The various multimedia resources that are made available to the student allow them to acquire knowledge in a self-regulated manner and the face-to-face sessions seek to put them into practice with active methodologies.

You will have:

  • Digital resources and audiovisual blocks for online learning
  • Face-to-face sessions with active methodologies for transferable learning
  • Master's or postgraduate work to learn by doing
  • A personal mentor to monitor your Master's Final Project (TFM) or Postgraduate Final Project (TFP)

Professional Future

The Postgraduate Course in Content Creation and New Digital Narratives responds to the increase in virtual events and platforms that have emerged in recent years which have increased the volume of content generation. More and more brands, companies, agencies, and production companies are looking for professional profiles linked to storytelling, creative management of social networks, the production of stories and videos, and scripts for series or podcasts or transmedia projects.

Student profile

The Postgraduate program brings together graduates in the humanities, journalism, communication, marketing, advertising, graphic design or fine arts as well as digital creators, professional storytellers, screenwriters and writers, people with a vocation as influencers and, in general, professionals in the field of communication, marketing, and advertising who wish to update their knowledge and learn new techniques for generating content in the digital environment.

Career opportunities

The postgraduate degree allows a scriptwriter, a community manager, a storyteller, or a graphic designer to rise to the next level within the professional world and broaden the spectrum of their employment options. The course gives training in self-employment, creative portfolios, and personal branding, as well as in the teamwork of advertising agencies, communication departments, audiovisual production companies, innovation laboratories, creative agencies, platforms, social networks, cultural institutions, and an endless number of other professional fields.

  • Storyteller in companies
  • Creative copy in communication and advertising agencies
  • Creator of digital content
  • Social media manager
  • Screenwriter
  • Media writer

Admission and enrolment

Our admission process consists of a rigorous evaluation of each application to preserve the quality of the group as well as the training, experience, and work capacity of all students.

Who can apply?

In order to access the admission process, you need to have a minimum of a mid-level degree.

Other candidates without the required university degree will be able to access the selection process by virtue of their professional or academic merits and the place of work they occupy. Upon passing the program, they will receive a certificate of completion issued by the UPF Barcelona School of Management.

How to apply?

To apply for admission to this program, students must read and accept the Terms and Conditions of Contract once they start the application for admission through the following form.

Application for admission

Complete your application within the next admission rounds:

RoundApplication deadlineAdmission resolution

Applications for admission will be evaluated when you complete the following steps:

  • Complete the online admission form.
  • Pay the €120 admission fee. This amount will be returned if you are not admitted.
  • Send the following documents through the online platform e-registrar:
    • Presentation letter or video
    • CV
    • Scanned copy of university degree (if you are in the last year of your degree, you can provide your academic records)
    • Scanned copy of Transcript of Records. Make sure that it includes your GPA (Grade Point Average)
    • Scanned copy of ID Card or Passport
    • Passport-size photo (jpg format)

Additional documents may be requested in certain cases.
Application rounds are subject to the number of places available on the program.


  • The Admissions Committee will select the candidates on the basis of a personal or CV-based interview.
  • You will be notified of the admission decision in writing.


  • Registration must be paid within a 15 days after the admission.
  • Once the letter of acceptance to the program has been received, you will need to submit the following original documents before the course begins:
    • Stamped and/or authenticated photocopy of your university degree.
  • If you have a foreign degree you may need to submit additional documents.
  • Paying the reservation fee (25% of the program's tuition fees) is essential in order to reserve your place
  • If you pay the tuition fees by bank transfer you will be required to introduce the program code. The program code for this course is 2977.
  • The remaining tuition fees must be paid 2 weeks before the start of the course.

Grants, scholarships and financing


The UPF Barcelona School of Management offers you different means of financing so that you can take any of our programs without worry. We offer you the opportunity to finance part of your program, either by rewarding your talent through scholarships, through grants from entities dedicated to promoting education or through collaboration agreements with financial entities.


Apply for one of our UPF-BSM Scholarships, awarded specifically to Pompeu Fabra University students with a good academic record.

Social Value Scholarships

UPF Barcelona School of Management, for this next academic year, and aiming at the commitment for social welfare, offers the Social Value Scholarships with the objective of supporting and favoring the groups that the School considers a priority. Enter and consult the details.

Grants and discounts

Alumni discounts

If you are a member of our alumni associations or of one of our partner universities, we offer you a series of applicable discounts on the amount of tuition for your program.

UPF Employee Discounts

If you are a member or family member of an employee of the UPF group or belonged to the collaborating institutions of the UPF Barcelona School of Management, you can enjoy a series of applicable discounts on the tuition fees for your program.

UPF Partner Latinoamerican Universities Discount

If you are alumni of one of our Partner Universities, you are entitled to a discount of 10% on the UPF Barcelona School of Management Masters and postgraduate program tuition fees (those programs with more than 15 credits).


Financing simulator

You can choose how to finance your studies by consulting our simulator and receive an answer in less than 24 hours.

Go to the simulator

Collaborating entities

In addition, UPF Barcelona School of Management collaborates with various banks and financial entities which provide study loans on favorable terms. For more information you can contact any of the following links (in Spanish).

Note, however, that in order to benefit from these special conditions you must have a NIE if you are not a European Citizen. Therefore, UPF Barcelona School of Management strongly recommends international students to seek first for students loans at bank entities of their country of origin, or to search for funding opportunities through international entities.

The Agency for Management of University and Research Grants of Catalonia (AGAUR, in Spanish) also offers loans to university students with legal residence in Catalonia through the PREPOST program.

Application for admission
You are applying for admission to the program:
Postgraduate Diploma in Content Creation and New Digital Narratives
Modality: Semipresencial
Language: Spanish
Price: 4000
Admission fee: 120
We will deduct this amount from the total registration fee if your application is accepted. If your application is rejected, we will reimburse you.

Postgraduate Course in Content Creation and New Digital Narratives