Postgraduate Diploma in Content Creation and New Digital Narratives


Classes taught in:
Start of classes:
15 November 2021
End of program:
15 March 2022
Program type:
Postgraduate Program
Blended Learning
Tuition fees:

The UPF Barcelona School of Management’s Postgraduate Course in New Digital Storytelling will provide you with the knowledge, resources and most up-to-date information on the field of design and development of digital storytelling, allowing you to make headway in some of the most in-demand fields such as those of show runner, digital communicator, transmedia architect, influencer, fictional and non-fictional project scriptwriter, community manager, interactive experience designer, digital creator and storyteller itself.

The program encompasses the key contents of this new professional field, currently experiencing exponential growth thanks to the boom in digital platforms and social media. Throughout the course, you will learn about the most effective storytelling techniques, whether self-contained or serial, and by means of practical classes which will allow you to design channels, profiles, videos and stories to stand out on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and other social platforms. The program features input from some of Spain and Latin America’s leading writers, scriptwriters and digital creators.

Our Postgraduate Course in New Digital Storytelling is targeted at graduates in humanities, journalism, communication, marketing, advertising, graphic design and fine arts. It is also aimed at digital creators, professional storytellers, scriptwriters and writers, aspiring influencers, and more generally speaking, professionals in the field of communication, marketing and advertising who wish to update their knowledge.

Participants to have completed the program interested in continuing their education in creative writing techniques may transfer 12 credits from the course onto our Master in Literary Creation.


Why this program?

  1. This pioneering program will allow you to train as a digital creator and a transmedia storyteller at a time at which the demand for such professional profiles is growing rapidly, whether in the creative and IT industries or in the generation of content for advertising and marketing.
  2. You will be taught by some of Spain and Latin America’s leading digital creators and managers such as Hernán Casciari, Sheila Blanco, Manuel Bartual, Javier Olivares, Verónica Ruiz del Vizo, Emma Rodero, María Jesús Espinosa de los Monteros, Diego Enrique Osorno and Xavi Robles..
  3. Your Director of Studies will be Jorge Carrión, who is not only a renowned writer, cultural critic at The New York Times and coordinator of the UPF-BSM’s Master in Literary Creation, but also an expert on TV series and a scriptwriter of comics, podcasts and exhibition projects.
  4. You will be provided with creative tools and practical information allowing you to devise your own digital projects and personal narratives and seek strategies for their production, publication and monetisation.


  • Introduce the student to storytelling design
  • Provide the student with technological and creative tools
  • Furnish the student with the theoretical and practical knowledge required to create their own stories and digital narratives
  • Develop the student’s understanding of the new media ecosystem characterised as it is by the predominance of content platforms such as Netflix, HBO, Movistar, Spotify and Storytel and social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok, all collaborating directly or indirectly with thousands of creators and producers of different audience sizes
  • Assist in the student’s development of a personal project and their search for the best way to make it authentic and personal