Postgraduate Course in Clinical Management


Classes taught in:
Start of classes:
24 January 2020
End of program:
15 July 2020
Program type:
Postgraduate Program
Tuition fees:
to be determined

The general aim of this Postgraduate Programme in Clinical Management (DGEC) is to guide students in the basic aspects of clinical management and provide them with the basic tools to achieve the skills of a people and team manager in the health sector.

The economic situation, the growth in health expenditure, well above the growth of the economy, and the increase in the expectations of the citizens, lead us to demand an adequate use of resources. The final solution is in the hands of clinicians and in their involvement in the active and efficient management of the resources devoted to the operation of healthcare centres, both primary and hospital care.

Professionals need to have an overview of their service or unit and of the different duties that they need to perform: quality care, research applied to the most common clinical problems and lifelong learning which keeps them up to date with the progress of knowledge in their speciality.

Clinical professionals should have the skills to develop the creative and innovative potential of the members of their team, the ability to stimulate (motivate), recognise the work of their team (encourage) and harmoniously unite multidisciplinary teams, in the direction agreed on with the governing bodies of the centres, the excellence of the healthcare, patient satisfaction and an improvement in the working environment predominating.



It is a priority that the training should cover the areas of clinical management which provide skills such as: organise a clinical unit, know how to seek adequate resources, select the best employees, transmit the intellectual stimulus of lifelong learning to the team, organise structure, teams and budgets of the services and finally lead highly qualified professionals, who are your equals, with efficiency, benevolence and understanding.

Who is it for?

It is aimed at clinical professionals from healthcare centres who need to expand or strengthen management knowledge and competences in addition to completing and broadening their management profile.