Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship across Health (BioBiz)


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Fridays from 4 pm to 9 pm and Saturdays from 9 am to 2 pm.

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Postgraduate Program
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Calle Balmes 132-134

Entirely taught in English, the Postgraduate Course in Entrepreneurship Across Health at UPF Barcelona School of Management covers the top three areas driving health technologies businesses nowadays: biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, and digital health. Health technologies are becoming one of the most important business sectors driving wellness and economy worldwide. This means that the sector needs entrepreneurs and professionals who are able to understand the science and engineering of innovative technologies and, at the same time, understand their potential to improve health and its commercial potential.

The new era of healthcare professionals will have to face a continuously evolving environment where engineering, digital and molecular medicine merge to offer clinical solutions to highly informed patients. The Postgraduate Course in Entrepreneurship Across Health will address challenges in the interspace of big data, artificial intelligence, traditional pharma, robotics or mobile health with the objective of preparing a new generation of talent to face this exciting sector.

"In a recently published New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) Catalyst Insights Report, 63% of respondents say new entrants into health IT are more likely to come from focused start-ups rather than traditional health care organizations, consumer industries or business to business industries. Survey respondents also expect start-ups to lead innovation for hospitals and health systems (54%) and primary care (65%)"

Sandra Gittlen . NEJM Catalyst, Insight Report February 23, 2017. Survey Snapshots. Can Start-Ups Rescue Health Care?

The entrepreneurial ecosystem in the healthcare arena is booming locally and around the world. However, most of the current technology-based entrepreneurs start their ventures without any business or industry related knowledge. Even worse, they do so without any mentor or model to relate to that will increase the chances of success of these highly innovative start-ups. The Postgraduate Course in Entrepreneurship Across Health will connect students with real entrepreneurs willing to share their knowledge with the new generation of health ventures and their leading teams. The program bets on business cases based on real experiences from an impressive variety of successful health entrepreneurs.


Why this program?

  • The program is focused on those trends, technologies, and developments in the health sector that are enabling more innovation now and probably in the future.
  • It does not offer only a partial and limited view (i.e., only biotechnology, only pharmaceutical, only information technologies or digital health) but a comprehensive program, where an accurately selected list of topics and real cases will cover both the current trends and the future game changers in health and medicine.
  • It is recommended for entrepreneurs across health opportunities but also for those interested in starting or improving a professional career in health-related business.
  • It is also an excellent choice for those who just started their entrepreneurial project or are in the process of founding a technology-based company.
  • The program has a special focus on providing the possibility to discuss extensively many real entrepreneurial experiences with the teams that made it possible.
  • The entrepreneurial experiences will be used as a teaching method to learn from the real experiences through teamwork and open discussions.


  • To understand the essentials, the trends and the opportunities of the current and future health sector.
  • To provide the needed knowledge to understand the business opportunities in the health sector.
  • To acquire the knowledge and the toolkit to become an entrepreneur in the health sector.
  • To learn from the experiences of entrepreneurs that have been successful in the development and marketing of new products.
  • To realize the possibility of investment opportunities in the health business.
  • To elaborate a business plan in one of the future areas of health business.

Who is it for?

The Postgraduate Course in Entrepreneurship Across Health is aimed at graduates from health sciences (Biology, Human Biology, Biotechnology, Biomedical Sciences, Pharmacy, Medicine, Veterinary) business and economics (ADE, Economy and others) engineering (Biomedical Engineering, Informatics Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering), PhD students and postdoctoral researchers and executives who want to learn and be trained in entrepreneurship and identification of investment opportunities, or who want to accelerate their career development in the healthcare sector.

The program is also targeted to postgraduate professionals with some experience, who want to acquire knowledge and skills in the areas considered in the program, as well as to senior professionals who would like to change the orientation of their professional careers. 

“The train was the economical engine of the 19th century, the automobile was the engine of the 20th century, and the innovation in the health sector will be the engine in the 21st century”

Robert Fogel, Nobel Prize in Economy 1993