Online Master in Health Economics and Pharmacoeconomics

Employment opportunities

The program is designed to complement the training of professionals with management responsibilities and graduates interested in acquiring the necessary skills to take on such responsibilities in:

  • Hospitals, clinical laboratories and public and private health centres.
  • Public bodies responsible for managing and/or funding pharmaceuticals and health services.
  • Private insurance companies.
  • Pharmaceutical companies and companies related to the distribution of pharmaceuticals.
  • Pharmaceutical and health service management training centres.
  • Consultancy and advisory firms related to the health sector, etc.

Our students' experience

Jose Manuel Rodríguez
Health Economics & Reimbursement Director

My participation in the master was fruitful from a professional point of view and very rewarding from a personal perspective. The materials were well designed and perfectly organized, as they combined both theory and exercises on practical cases. I think that this is a recommended investment both for professionals with experience in Health Economics, as well as for others who want to redirect their career towards this area.

Glykeria Bertsiadou

Course of 2013

Learning is a lifetime experience .
When decided to follow the Master in Health Economics and Pharmacoeconomics in Barcelona School of Management , the rational was to acquire in depth knowledge whereas studying in the most flexible way that allows me to fullfil my daily commitments

Having a position of increased responsibility in my professional life together with a family, it was really sthing that could be seen as a key challenge.
Still, it was the high level and the content of this specific program that empowers my will for achieving this.

During my studies, we came across topics that are really up to date and help me in my everyday life. The degree was sthing that gives me tools to improve my professional goals.

Working in a multinational company (Pfizer Hellas), truly found that these studies in Barcelona School of Management gives me the fuel to understand and shape better the future. Living in a continuous changing environment, you seek to find ways to be one step ahead. Its about knowledge that you can use and take the best out of it…

Of special notice the support and understanding I have received during my entire studies.
Really appreciated the good will and genuine interest of all people involved in the course .