Business Leadership Observatory


The Business Leadership Observatory is a project to create knowledge about leadership and become a force for change in the world of work. The aim is to facilitate both managers and those who work under them to reach a higher level of personal satisfaction and achievement of business objectives.

This knowledge transfer is intended to reach not only large companies, but also small and medium-sized companies that make up the productive fabric of Catalonia, and that often do not have this knowledge or the tools to apply it.


The Business Leadership Observatory has the global objective of becoming a leading prescriptive entity, focused on innovation and creativity in its field. This implies working on three aspects:

  • The development of academic studies
  • The dissemination of knowledge to the world of work and social agents
  • The driving force behind social change

The Observatory is expected to specify, manage, produce, and offer tools—both theoretical and practical—to transform our society towards a higher level of sustainability and justice, with a gender perspective, through organizations and leaders with willpower and ethically and socially committed leadership capacity.

Director of the Business Leadership Observatory

Sílvia Cóppulo
Graduated in Psychology, PhD in Communication, professor of Management Skills and Crisis Management on the Master in Human Resources Management at UPF-BSM.

Scheduled activities 2020–21

Carrying out of three studies:

  • "Analysis of leadership in face-to-face and remote work during the time of the COVID-19 crisis"
  • Effects of not digitally disconnecting from work
  • "Management skills of management"

In collaboration with

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