18 Jan - 2022

Green social media for a better reputation

Talking about sustainability in social media does not reverse negative feelings about a brand, but it increases trust in it and improves its image. This is proven by several recent studies and explain...
18 Jan - 2022

Economic efficiency meets social efficiency

Our productive system has significant inefficiencies and, when a crisis like the current one arises, it punishes us more severely. In view of this situation, Tomàs Rubió explains the future ahead with...
18 Jan - 2022

The branch has closed: what do I do with my bank guarantee?

The closing of bank branches is becoming more and more common and this situation is generating one problem. Among them, doubts among the beneficiaries of bank guarantees to present their requirements....
13 Jan - 2022

UPF Barcelona School of Management and ACCID create a chair on transparency and control

The UPF Barcelona School of Management and the Catalan Association of Accounting and Management (ACCID) sign an agreement to create the ACCID Chair of Transparency and Control.
12 Jan - 2022

"Communication is essential in empowering communities, and empowered communities lead to changes being made"

Carla Maria Drury Salgado master thesis' Effective communication to support attitudinal and associated behavioural change to decrease the transmission of malaria has won the UNESCO ESCI-UPF and U...
11 Jan - 2022

Real threats to traditional banking from bigtechs

The progress of bigtech in finance seems unstoppable, with a trajectory marked by their ability to attract new users to their platform and to offer activities that complement their core business....
11 Jan - 2022

Smart cities: innovation and sustainability working side-by-side

What are smart cities? Can new technologies really help to work for a more sustainable planet? The director of the Postgraduate Course in Innovation and Design Thinking, Susana Domingo, explains the c...
4 Jan - 2022

Without a regulation of international telework

International teleworking is a reality with a remarkable level of complexity, currently lacking regulation and not exempt from risks, but it can generate various international opportunities for a comp...
4 Jan - 2022

The never-ending road to sustainable people management

Integrating sustainability into Human Resource Management (HRM) was a necessity even before the COVID-19 induced transformation of work. We have yet to see what a "post-COVID" world looks like, h...
28 Dec - 2021

The main lines of tax reform

The three fundamental pillars of the next tax reform are the taxation of corporate tax, the taxation of the digital economy and emerging activities, and the taxation of wealth.
28 Dec - 2021

Saint Rita, Saint Rita, let our economy not belittle

The Spanish economic pillars have been adapting to the new world economic reality at the same speed as the tectonic plates: a few centimeters a year, or what is the same, one kilometer every 250 years...
22 Dec - 2021

Topics that defined 2021: UPF-BSM faculty discusses their evolution towards 2022

Quins són els temes que han marcat l'agenda mediàtica del 2021? Com evolucionaran de cara a l'any 2022? El professorat de la UPF Barcelona School of Management que ha abordat algunes d'aquestes qüesti...
21 Dec - 2021

Now I have won the lottery: what should I do with the money?

Winning the lottery is always a reason to rejoice, but you have to know how to manage the money you win so that it does not lose value. What are the options? Andrei Boar, professor of Finance, Account...
21 Dec - 2021

From molecule to pharmacy: how much does a drug cost?

How much does a drug cost? How long does it take to produce? And how long does it take to market? The process of researching, developing and bringing a drug to the patient is long, complex and costly....
15 Dec - 2021

The UPF-BSM Sustainability Observatory wins the Barcelona Sustainable Tourism Award

The Sustainability Observatory, led by Oriol Montanyà, receives the Barcelona Sustainable Tourism Award in the economic field for having built an educational bridge between scientific knowledge and so...