What we have learned from COVID-19

The recent months of the pandemic have caused crises and also opportunities. Many businesses and organisations have taken the opportunity to reflect and grow or change, while others are observing how the world is transforming around them.

Analysis of these different positions will allow us to take a step forward in our development as companies and society. So UPF Barcelona School of Management, in collaboration with Institut the Next and Hunivers People Hub, after hearing the views of several dozen managers from major companies, has summarised the most inspiring aspects in 12 video clips.

This series called What have we learned from the Covid-19 crisis? will include learnings, new objectives to work on, strategies to implement; and also suggestions for publications, talks and reflections that can inspire the business world at such an exceptionally important time as this.

We will post the clips in this section over the next few months as they are published. We encourage you to share them with your social and business communities.

  1. Science is the best contingency plan
  2. No people, no answers
  3. Conscious Optimism to have useful impact
  4. Industrial flexibility versus systemic intertia
  5. Self-Knowledge to pull forward
  6. We need more public-private collaboration
  7. The isolation economy stimulates e-commerce
  8. Without the new look imposed by COVID, our Companies are doomed to die