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Three-ingredients recipe for engaging content

4 Junio - 2020

It's a trend nowadays for companies to say they're customer-centric. But how many companies are truly engaging customers? Customer engagement is the process of interacting with customers through a variety of channels via social media, email, websites, community forums, or any other space where they're communicating or consuming content.

Alberto Guevara, academic coordinator of the MSc in Marketing at the UPF Barcelona School of Management shared in this webinar how brands are taking advantage of it and how they are managing to get their audiences engaged in the first place. 'Engagement means that people are being greatly interested in you and, the more importantly, that they take action and show it. That means that your products, services or content is meaningful enought for them'.

alberto guevara

Guevara talked about the three-ingredients recipe for creating engaging content:

  1. Assertiveness: No one wants to hear about how cool you are right there when their dog has died.
  2. Down to earth: Even if you are an inspirational Brand, keep it real for the sake of being relatable,
  3. Add value: a laugh, a thought, an idea, a reflection, an escape

For that, Guevara pointed out some goals about how companies are promotiing engagement:

  • Listening actively: Understand-Support-Exploit
  • Teasing/fasconation: Intrigue-Attention-Buzz
  • Funny: Distract-Gladden-Get Closer
  • Opportunistic: Take advantage-Surf the wave-Join the conversation
  • Commynity: Direct dialogue-Support from customers-Get to know them better
  • User generated Content: Ownership-Inclusion-Collaborative approach

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