The Republican era, by Vicenç Navarro

In an article published in Público newspaper on
14th April of this year Vicenç Navarro, director of the Master
in Public and Social Policies
, commented on the reasons why there is a
lack of knowledge on the great part of society about the Republican era the
country lived through during the periods 1931 – 1933 and 1936-1939.

For the first time Televisión Española has shown a series about
the Republic. Professor Navarro comments that ignorance about what happened
during that period on the part of the majority of the population is due to
the enormous domination of conservative forces during the transition process
from dictatorship to democracy and its attempts not to look back into the past.

He states that no other period in Spanish history intorduced so many reforms
in so little time. The Republic introduced Social Security, tried to universalise
teaching, introduced abortion and divorce (the first project proposed by Federica
Montseny), elements of agricultural reform and laicism. There were also errors
and shortcomings.

The European elite feared that the reforms taking place among the popular
classes in Spain would catch on, and so they clearly sympathised with nazism
in Germany and fascism in Italy. History would have been very different if
the Republic had won out in Europe and Spain and if fascism had been defeated
in Spain.

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