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Sanofi recruits Judit Bofill for their program Talent Graduate

13 Octubre - 2014

Pharmaceutical company Sanofi has selected Judit Bofill, from UPF Barcelona School of Management’s Master of Science in International Business, for their program Talent Graduate, one of the most interesting career opportunities in our country in the pharmaceutical sector for young graduates. The program is 2 years long. The first year, Sanofi offers to finance the student on a Master related to the pharmaceutical industry and an agreement for a 12 month internship on a full time basis, in addition to a monthly grant, restaurant tickets, language training and internal training courses.

Judit Bofill has once again opted for UPF Barcelona School of Management, where she is studying the postgraduate course in Pharmacoeconomics.

The second year, Sanofi offers her an employment position with a competitive salary in line with that offered on the market, and a 12 month rotating position in 2 or 3 different departments, which will allow her to obtain knowledge in different areas and gain a more global perspective of the company. “It gives me enormous satisfaction following years of consistent effort and study, to have the opportunity to be able to train you and begin to do something that you really love”.

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