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Programmes approved by the AQU (The Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency): University Masters

1 Septiembre - 2011

Since last June, a total of 10 programmes have been approved by The Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency to be implemented in this coming academic year 2011-2012. Those confirmed programmes are as follows:

  • Master in Forensic Linguistics, directed by Teresa Turell;
  • Master in Health Economics and Pharmacoeconomics, directed by Jaume Puig-Junoy and Carles Murillo;
  • Master in Leadership and Management in Science and Innovation, directed by Josep-Eladi Baños and Joan Bigorra;
  • Master in Public and Social Policies, directed by Vicenç Navarro;
  • Master in ICT Strategic Management (MSc), directed by Miquel Oliver;
  • Master in Science and Management (MSc), directed by Daniel Serra and Ana Valenzuela;
  • Master in Business Financial and Accounting Management
  • Master in Business Financial and Accounting Management Specialization: Auditing, directed by Oriol Amat;
  • Master in Digital Arts, directed by Roc Parés,
  • Master in International Business, directed by Carles Murillo;
  • Master in Banking and Finance, directed by Xavier Freixas.
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