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Huawei unveils its brand strategy to become a mobile technology giant during Mobile World Congress

19 Febrero - 2018
  • The Vice President of Corporate Communications at Huawei, Walter Jennings, will present his KOL Engagement strategy at UPF Barcelona School of Management
  • The event will feature renowned international experts and influencers such as Carlos Scolari, Enrique Dans, Marsha Collier and Craig Brown

Huawei is already the third largest smartphone maker in the world, only behind Apple and Samsung. It is the second largest in Spain. In 2017, it sold more than two million smartphones and recorded a market share of 20.6%. Ten years ago, the Huawei brand was unknown to the average user. Its name was known to companies and corporate environments related to the telecommunications industry. Outside of this, few people knew the brand. How has Huawei managed to become a mobile technology giant and stand alongside Apple and Samsung?

To get to this position, Huawei opted for a very intense marketing and communication strategy through an influencer marketing program, or as they call it, a KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) program. Influencer marketing is not a new concept. Getting the right people to talk about you and make your brand and products known has always been one of the best ways to improve brand recognition. What is comparatively new is Huawei's ability to make connections quickly. How did it manage to do so? Taking advantage of its presence in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, Walter Jennings, Vice President of Corporate Communications at Huawei Technologies, will present its branding strategy and its KOL Program during a public event jointly organized by Huawei and UPF Barcelona School of Management, through its Master of Arts in Communication Management program. An event that will also feature some of the most internationally renowned influencers such as Carlos Scolari, professor of UPF's Department of Communication, Enrique Dans, marketing expert and professor at IE Business School, Marsha Collier (New York), author of more than 40 publications on e-commerce, eBay and social media such as the successful book eBay for Dummies, and Craig Brown (Texas), technology expert, entrepreneur and author of Untapped Potential.

Thus, in the middle of Mobile World Congress and with the presence in Barcelona of the whole of the world's technological and mobile industry, Huawei has decided to tell its story, experiences and corporate strategies in the mobile telephony and communication sector. A masterclass open to the public that will take place on 28 February in the auditorium at UPF Barcelona School of Management.

Free entrance. Registration required.


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