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Students of the UPF-BSM's Master in Scientific, Medical and Environmental Communication to explain pieces of the exhibition «Brain(s)» at the CCCB

8 Noviembre - 2022

As part of the exhibition «Brain(s)», the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB) has invited the students of the Master in Scientific, Medical and Environmental Communication of the UPF Barcelona School of Management (UPF-BSM) to participate in «The Pieces Speak» on 27 November, from 5 to 7 pm. This is an activity that, according to the centre, aims to "create connections between the exhibitions and the public, moving away from the traditional dynamic in which the visitor looks at the pieces and reads the informative texts". 

"This project stems from the idea that each person sees the exhibition in a different way, based on their interests, knowledge and hobbies", says Maria Ribas, head of the CCCB's Audiences Unit. "In this case, the proposal consists of inviting students of the UPF-BSM master's degree to provide their personal vision of the piece or group of pieces that most catch their attention and to elaborate and present a story, in talk format, to visitors to the exhibition", adds Ribas. The students will receive prior training from the CCCB to construct their stories. 

Students will be able to share their vision of the pieces that have most captured their attention with visitors to the exhibition through a short story

The participation of the students in this project is part of the subject «Scientific museology workshop», coordinated by the professor Pedro García Demestres, who accompanied them during the visit to the exhibition on 3 November. García Demestres has already given the first lesson in which he introduces the students to the key concepts of museography. 

During the visit, the director and deputy managing director of the CCCB, Judit Carrera and Pilar Soldevila, respectively, explained to the students of the program directed by Gema Revuelta the museographic proccess of Brain(s) which, according to Carrera, "explores how art, science and philosophy have represented this fascinating organ throughout history". 

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