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"Commitment and motivation have kept us going"

6 Julio - 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

My name is Marta Arenas, and I am addressing you on behalf of all the Executive MBA students.

Taking a master's degree always requires effort, perseverance, dedication, and sacrifice. Taking a master's degree and working at the same time, requires even more; but investing every Friday afternoon, Saturday morning, and afternoons for most of the week for a year and a half, is even more difficult still. 

Although we are months away from finishing the program, we have been progressing week by week, dealing with all the small challenges that have been presented to us, both the challenges of the master's degree, such as those of combining personal and professional life with class schedules, and the submission of work. 

Some weeks have gone by faster, others have been more difficult, but commitment and motivation have kept us going. For many that motivation is learning, being challenged, improving, and expanding knowledge, but it is also sharing a space with classmates, having breakfast with a señorito from Boldú on the Rambla, going for a beer on Saturday after class in the Level, or having a good Argentine barbecue on a small terrace.

I hope that we all continue to have the desire and energy for the road ahead, which will surely keep providing us with new knowledge and challenges

So many hours together have allowed us to get to know very diverse people, both personally and professionally. People from different countries, with different languages, different ways of seeing things, and different ways of working, but with a common goal. Before obtaining our long-awaited diploma, we still have months of classes, submissions, and presentations together. In any case, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody, all my colleagues, for making the MBA easier, more bearable, and fun. In addition, I think that we will all agree in giving special thanks to Manué, for all the moments in which he has made us laugh in class; a total legend.

I would also like to thank the school for the efforts made to provide great content and teachers during the master's degree, and above all for having adapted to the situation we are experiencing due to the pandemic, and having managed to develop the entire program normally; this has undoubtedly been a considerable challenge. 

Finally, I hope that we all continue to have the desire and energy for the road ahead, which will surely keep providing us with new knowledge and challenges. And I also hope that you have great success, both in this stage of your journey and in the future. Thank you, everyone. 

I now give the floor to Qianying-Núria Zhou, who is a student on the Master's Degree in Professional Legal Practice and who will speak on behalf of the local students. 

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