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Juanjo Saéz: 'Creativity belongs to us all'

7 Mayo - 2019
  • The illustrator Juanjo Sáez and the musician Alex Serra were on centre stage in the first InspiraSo, a series of talks and music held by UPF Barcelona School of Management with Hepburn Café

'Creativity belongs to us all, the problem is that it is not cultivated. We are all creative and imaginative from a young age but there comes a time when we leave it behind because the system values other skills,'argued the strip cartoonist and illustrator, Juanjo Saéz, who took part in the first InspiraSo, the free series of talks and music organised by UPF Barcelona School of Management and Hepburn Café, which is held on the first Monday of each month.

'For decades, creativity was only taught for artistic professions. However, nowadays, in a constantly changing society, creativity has become more important than ever before in all disciplines,' the lecturer Manel Jiménez pointed out. And this is the main objective of UPF Barcelona School of Management events such as InspiraSo and the Laberint Festival: to introduce cultural and humanities events as a necessary complement to the training of profiles as diverse as the school's students due to their capacity for personal enrichment and to encourage creativity and abstract and critical thought. So, for the first InspiraSo, we invited two very creative people with very personal projects, the illustrator Juanjo Saéz and the musician Alex Serra, who put on a unique, absorbing concert.

InspiraSo will next be held on Monday 3 June with a talk by the writer Lolita Bosch and music by Ual·la!. This will all be accompanied with the Hepburn Café's bar service and music from the DJ PJ_Maite.

Check the InspiraSo photo gallery here.

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