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Fragile Movement is here: a publisher that makes social fragility visible

19 Febrero - 2019
  • Gemma Amargant and Ricardo Baronas, ex-alumni of the Master in Publishing and Editing at UPF Barcelona School of Management, are bringing into being this new publishing project based on their final master's degree project

Ricardo Baronas and Gemma Amargant have a publisher and a master's degree in common. The publisher is Fragile Movement and the master's degree is the Master in Publishing, which they took together at UPF Barcelona School of Management-Pompeu Fabra University. The business was thought up as their final master's degree project. The publisher was set up last November with the motto 'Read with care' for books with fragile contents. Books written by strong people who convey their fragile message through literature. For example, people who explain what life with a mental illness is like. Duermo mucho and Estigma are the publisher's first two releases. "We saw the need to encourage people to reflect on the stigma many people with a mental disorder experience," said Gemma and Ricardo. So far the first two publications have been warmly welcomed by booksellers, readers, journalists and charities alike.


Visit the editorial's website for more information: https://fragilemovement.com/

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