The 5 key elements to a bright future for businesses

Oriol Amat, Professor of Financial Economics and Accounting at Pompeu Fabra University, recently took part as an expert in the conference Catalonia in the 3.0 World: Summary and Levers for the Future, one of the latest acts held to commemorate the Tricentennial, in which experts from different fields analyzed the most important vectors underpinning the country's future from a social, economic, technological and scientific perspective.

Lecturer at UPF School of Management, Mr. Amat's conference dealt with the key elements that will determine the future of companies. He explained that, from a business network perspective, there will be a series of phenomena in the next few years that will affect companies and the business model as we currently know it. He mentioned:

  • Acceleration in all manner of changes, which will make company success increasingly short-lived.
  • A loss of customer loyalty, as customers will become increasingly quicker to change suppliers based on the competitive advantages the companies offer.
  • Heavier influence of other continents (Asia, North and South America, Africa) to the detriment of Europe.