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Everything is ready for the second LABERINT: BSM's cultural festival

8 Mayo - 2019
  • From 8 to 10 May, UPF Barcelona School of Management invites you to have breakfast with Òscar Camps, the founder of the NGO Open Arms, talk to Manuel Vilas, the author of Ordesa, one of the most successful novels of 2018, or dance to the electronic pop of Bearoid, among many other activities.
  • LABERINT is an initiative by UPF Barcelona School of Management to place culture and the humanities at the centre of the school's educational project.

From 8 to 10 May, the Balmes building will become a labyrinth of proposals. Three days dedicated to culture with workshops, conversations, talks, concerts, exhibitions, cinema and literature, etc. The LABERINT Festival brings together writers, filmmakers, activists, poets, economists and scientists in order to create an environment of culture, knowledge and reflection at the school. A place for exchange that gives everyone the opportunity to think, see, narrate, create and feel.

UPF Barcelona School of Management-Pompeu Fabra University's second cultural festival will deal with topics such as sustainability, equality, migration and art. The mornings will begin with breakfasts with people who are determined to improve society. So we will have the opportunity to have breakfast with Òscar Camps, the creator of the NGO Open Arms, as well as activists from the ecology movement FridaysForFuture, and the cultural communicator Pat Quinteiro, who are part of the Shesaid.so women's collectives.

In addition to the breakfasts, every day LABERINT will offer an open class dedicated to culture. The first will be about cinema with two of the most relevant and award-winning film editors of the moment: Anna Pffaf and Ariadna Ribas. The second festival will include literature with four experts who will provide four different readings of Nabokov's classic novel: Lolita. The last of the open classes will be led by Manel Jiménez, PhD in Communication, and Oriol Amat, the Dean of UPF Barcelona School of Management, who will analyse how the social movements that have arisen in the last 10 years have expressed themselves.

Moreover, during the mornings of 8 to 10 May, LABERINT will leave UPF Barcelona School of Management to rediscover Barcelona with guided tours specifically designed to explore on the street how migration, public spaces and women's living conditions have evolved in the city.

Lastly, the festival's conclusion on 10 May will be a celebration of thinking, seeing, narrating, creating and feeling. We will talk to Manuel Vilas, the author of one of the most successful books of 2018: Ordesa.And finally, Bearoid will unleash their tunes that mix electronic, soul and R&B to make everyone who comes to the school dance.

UPF Barcelona School of Management, Pompeu Fabra University's postgraduate school, sees culture as an appropriate and necessary accompaniment to its students' education. So LABERINT is also a milestone in the educational experience of students due to its ability to encourage creativity, abstraction and critical thought.

As part of this, all UPF Barcelona School of Management students have received a copy of the book Candide ou l'Optimisme by Voltaire, an exclusive edition published by UPF Barcelona School of Management. Voltaire's Candide will be a constant theme throughout the festival, appearing intermittently in the creative activities.

Barcelona School of Management is committed to culture and education as a two-fold guarantee of success.

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