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"Turbulence is a place where we should start to feel comfortable"

22 Junio - 2021

The current communication landscape is characterized by a multiplicity of channels through which the message can be transmitted. This situation has led authors to a fierce competition to reach the public's attention and, at the same time, to the birth of a large number of short textual pieces.

"Turbulence is a place where we should start to feel comfortable," said Gabriela Pedranti, professor of the Degree in Advertising and Public Relations at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, during the presentation session of Cultura Snack (La Marca, 2020), the latest book by Carlos A. Scolari, PhD in Applied Linguistics and Languages of Communication at UPF. 

Longer does not imply less quality, but brevity is an added value.

Together with the writer and director of the Master in Literary Creation of the UPF Barcelona School of Management, Jorge Carrión, the panelists discussed different concepts related to communication that they have been discovering through cards. "Spoiler", "haiku", "dinosaur" or "transience" have been some of the terms that have appeared and on which the speakers have woven several conclusions such as, for example, that the academy tries to "solidify too much". 

Beyond the notable differences between the academic world and the non-professionalized sector, Scolari pointed out that the micro-narrative or the phenomenon of short texts has caused a "boom" in Latin America. Carrión agreed, but regretted that "it has not taken root in traditional culture". 

While it is true that longer does not imply less quality (take for example War and Peace, Lev N. Tolstoy's masterpiece), the speakers assured that beyond being fashionable, brevity and capacity for synthesis is always an added value.

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