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Company and senior executive seminar: From a Human Resource Perspective

1 Septiembre - 2010
On 15 June the discussion took place within the Company and Senior Executive Seminar of the role played by human resources in the success of companies. At the session, which included the collaboration of AED, AEDIPE and ACCID, around 150 human resource directors were present, discovering three current perspectives of human resource management within the economic environment.

The lecturer Oriol Amat explained that most high growth companies in Catalonia have human resource policies based on education and incentives in order to achieve the highest degree of involvement of their staff. Iñaki de Miguel and Gonzalo Martínez, who presented the study prepared by INFOVA on the way Spanish senior executives think, pointed out that the profile is fairly standard and that the weak point to be improved by senior executives is the lack of feedback they use. Josep-Maria Fàbregas spoke on the need of companies to apply marketing techniques to human resource management, since if companies have cohesive teams, strengthening creativity and commitment, they will increase the importance of the reputation of the company and the relationship with its clients and, therefore, the results of the company will improve.

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