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Business schools embrace big data

27 Febrero - 2013

We live in an era of big data – often characterised in terms of the three "v"s: volume, velocity and variety. The three "v"s perfectly summarise the reasons for our current data explosion, which is now giving way to key development strategies in the markets.

According to Gartner (one of the world's leading information technology researcher & consultancy) 4.4 millions of people trained in Big Data management will be required in 2015. In fact, the Spanish Ministry of Industry revealed that for each newly hired position within the Technologies branch, 3 new more positions will be created in other sectors. Over the next 3 years, this might result into15 million newly created Big-Data-related-jobs worldwide.

Aware of this training necessity, the Barcelona School of Management launched in 2012 the MSc in ICT Strategic Management. The aim of this programme is to train professionals in the use and management of the large information quantities we daily receive and its further transformation into business revenue.

The programme is targeted at junior participants with no more than 3 years of work experience and is entirely taught in English. The application deadline is 30 June 2013. Please visit our website for further information on the MSc in ICT Strategic Management.

Financial Times

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