Oriol Amat takes office as Rector of the UPF

Oriol Amat, Professor of Financial Economics and Accounting, was sworn in as rector of the Pompeu Fabra University on Friday, May 28. "We have the determination to be excellent in all lines of activity," said the Rector in a speech in which he expressed the main goals with which he assumes the position: 

  • To continue to be a reference in research
  • To be leaders in the knowledge transfer
  • To continue to promote teaching innovation
  • To lead the commitment to planetary welfare, humanities and culture.

Amat, who was elected rector with 65% of the votes on May 5, took office in a ceremony attended by the Hble. Ms. Gemma Geis, Councilor for Research and Universities, and Hble. Ms. Victòria Alsina, Minister of Foreign Action and Transparency, as well as other members of the former Catalan Government, the rectors of the other Catalan universities and distinguished members of the university community. 

"The main purposes and raison d'être of the university are the creation of knowledge and its impact on society," said Amat, who insisted on the desire to "contribute to the improvement of the welfare of people and the planet by reducing socioeconomic and gender inequalities". He emphasized and thanked the outgoing rector, Jaume Casals, for having promoted this task during his two terms of office. 

The University, in six concepts

My proposal is that we help him as much as we can to do the things he wants to do, because he is a person who knows how to listen and who has a clear idea of the best path said Casals during his speech, in which he described the University in six terms: organization, freedom, culture, from outside, style and from the world. 

In addition, the Professor of Philosophy and Rector for the 2013-2021 term added a seventh key word: wellbeing. "In the flagship of planetary well-being, I believe that well-being should weigh as much as the planet," Casals reflected. An idea that Amat also incorporated in his speech. 

"We must act tenaciously regarding the 2030 agenda and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals," insisted the rector, stressing especially the gender policy.

It is precisely the question of planetary well-being that has been one of the tasks on which Amat has placed most emphasis during his time as dean of the UPF Barcelona School of Management. He will be able to continue developing it, now, as head of the university.