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UPF Barcelona School of Management and Microsoft sign a collaboration agreement to boost digital talent and employability

27 Septiembre - 2022
Acuerdo Microsoft
El Director General de la UPF-BSM, José M. Martínez-Sierra, y el Presidente de Microsoft España, Alberto Granados, en el acto de firma del acuerdo de colaboración entre ambas instituciones
  • UPF-BSM will provide its students with tools based on cloud computing, data science or AI and study plans to train them in skills demanded by the current job market
  • The school will adopt the Microsoft AI Business School initiative, a learning tool to discover all the possibilities of the business application of Artificial Intelligence
  • Students of the Master in Data Analytics for Business will have the possibility to choose an elective course to be trained in the contents of the Microsoft certification exam in Power BI Data Analyst Associate


The UPF Barcelona School of Management (UPF-BSM) has signed a collaboration agreement with Microsoft with the aim of promoting the digital transformation of the school and applying technological innovation in the training of future leaders.

Characterised by offering an active, personalised and interdisciplinary learning model to turn students into professionals capable of moving in constantly changing environments, the UPF-BSM has relied on Microsoft to advance its digitalisation through innovation and transformation projects for the institution itself. 

Digital talent is in high demand and in short supply, so the leaders of today and tomorrow must have digital skills that foster employability

"Our aim is to train leaders who bring value, innovation, and transformation to a society that increasingly demands hybrid professional profiles and cutting-edge technological skills. The jobs of the present and the future cannot be understood without a technological accent and, for this reason, it is essential to have the training support of a leader in the sector such as Microsoft", said José M. Martinez-Sierra, Director General of the UPF-BSM.

"Digital talent is in high demand and in short supply. We have to work to advance in the digital transformation of educational institutions so that they can adequately train in digital skills that promote employability and help our economy to be more competitive. The agreement with UPF-BSM is a big step towards this goal that we both share", said Alberto Granados, President of Microsoft Spain.

Bringing digital talent to the job market

A lot of digital talent is needed to meet the huge demand for digitalisation from all types of companies and organisations in Spain, not only in the technology sector, but in any field of activity. According to a study by IDC for Microsoft, 46% of Spanish companies are having trouble finding the digital profiles they need. 

Microsoft will help UPF-BSM to offer its students an innovative training proposal that prepares them with the digital skills demanded by companies, thus improving their employability and incorporation into the job market. With Microsoft Learn, an open online platform organised by pathways, they will find step-by-step tutorials and interactive environments that facilitate hands-on learning and, crucially, certification in Microsoft's most innovative and recognised technologies such as cloud computing, data science and AI. This training will help future business leaders differentiate themselves and enhance their career prospects. 

According to an IDC study, 46% of Spanish companies have problems finding the digital profiles they need. In this context, the agreement between UPF-BSM and Microsoft will help train hybrid professionals with a technological accent

"Barcelona is a pole of attraction for the technology sector", says Ana Freire, professor and director of the academic department of Operations, Technology, and Science at UPF-BSM, adding that "the confluence in the city of our school and Microsoft's new Artificial Intelligence hub is a crucial ingredient that we want to have an impact on the training we offer". "Technology is increasingly present in business and, therefore, it must also be present in education", he concludes. 

Furthermore, through the agreement, UPF-BSM will offer practical training on AI in business, as the field of Artificial Intelligence is changing the way companies in all sectors operate. By incorporating Microsoft AI Business School into its curriculum, UPF-BSM will give its students the opportunity to discover and delve into all the possibilities and applications that this technology has in the business environment, something that will enable them to opt for highly qualified and in-demand jobs. 

In this sense, future students of the Master in Data Analytics for Business, which will be taught from September 2023, will have the possibility of choosing an optional subject to train in the contents of the Microsoft certification exam in Power BI Data Analyst Associate, an ideal seal for those professionals with experience in cloud computing and data science who wish to visualise large amounts of data in a way that is easily understandable for their teams and organisations. 

Las delegaciones de la UPF-BSM y Microsoft España, durante la reunión posterior al acto de firma del convenio

Promoting teaching, research and technological innovation

But digital literacy efforts will not only be limited to students, but also school faculty will be able to acquire these skills to better educate students. Microsoft will make available its online platform Microsoft Learn for Educators, organised by learning paths, which helps teachers to incorporate this official curriculum and learning materials into their classes and spaces to connect with other educators and Microsoft experts to share best practices to inspire students in their digital literacy. 

In addition, the agreement contemplates the joint work of the UPF-BSM and Microsoft for the promotion of research, development and technological innovation. 

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