Master of Science in Finance and Banking

Employment opportunities

Upon successful completion of the Master of Science in Finance and Banking students will be able to pursue a professional career in the following professional fields:

  • Business Consultant
  • Central Bank Employee
  • Commercial Bank Manager
  • Corporate Finance Services
  • Investment Banker
  • M&A Advisor
  • Private Equity Manager
  • Treasury Manager
  • Financial Analyst

MSc programs employability

6 months after ending their program, all MSc participants receive an employability survey to know how the Master helped them in their professional career. These are the main results from the last survey:

What is your current situation in terms of employability? 
MSc employability rate

If you are currently working, where is your company located?
MSc employability location

Data collected from students of the academic year 2017/2018.

Career Development Program

As part of the Additional Off Program Activities, UPF Barcelona School of Management Careers Service offers you a Career Development Program called UPF Barcelona School of Management Talent Up.

UPF Barcelona School of Management Talent UP is a “life” program, tailormade to the students' needs, with three phases:

  1. EXPLORE AND TRANSFORM. Get to know who you are professionally and develop your personal brand to make an impact through your CV and your Linkedin profile. Explore what’s needed on today’s job market and what you can offer through.

  2. CONNECT. Set an action plan towards your career objective through:

    · Career development: one to one advice sessions, group training and workshops. From creating attractive presentations to using role play and improve your interview skills.

    · Sector insights: speed networking events, recruitment talks and company challenges We connect you with experts and employers making you the owner of your future career.

  3. BOOST. You have learned to generate your own professional network and take advantage of the relationships made through UPF Barcelona School of Management, getting ready to explore career opportunities.

To make the best use of the above resources you will avail of access to a platform from where you will be able to register to the UPF Barcelona School of Management Talent UP events and workshops, apply to the available internships, entry-level jobs and request individual coaching sessions.