Master in Scientific, Medical and Environmental Communication


The Master in Scientific, Medical and Environmental Communication includes extracurricular internships. These kinds of internships:

- Are not part of the academic content of the master's degree or postgraduate programs. They are considered as complementary to classroom sessions.

- They are not compulsory. If you would like to do them, you must state it when you enrol.

- They include the advice and agreement management service: the Careers Service maintains active contact with companies, promotes your application and manages the internship agreement. Remember that the companies and organizations themselves are ultimately responsible for the recruitment process.

You can obtain further information by reading our internship regulations.

The following companies and organizations offer internships:

Montsec Astronomy Park · Media 3.14 · IMEDEA (CSIC-UIB) · Biomedical Research Institute Private Foundation · Catalan Oncology Institute (ICO) · "La Caixa" Foundation · Biomedical Research Institute (IRB) · San Francisco Exploratorium · Centre of Science, Communication and Society Studies (UPF) · Amgen · La Mandarina de Newton · Vall d'Hebron University Hospital Research Institute (VHIR) · SINC-FECYT · Barcelona Culture Institute · Lèxic · Condorchem Envitech · Pompeu Fabra University - Evolutionary Biology Institute · Bioengineering Institute of Catalonia Foundation (IBEC) · Galènia Comunicació Mèdica · Grifols · Natural Science Museum (Museu Blau) · Neiker - Basque Institute of Research and Development, Research and Science · Catalan Association of Scientific Communication  (ACCC) · ACE Foundation, Catalan Institute of Applied Neuroscience · BCN Visiona TV · Sincrotrón Light Laboratory Consortium · CNIO (National Centre for Oncological Research) · Televisió de Catalunya (TV3) · Genomics Regulation Centre Foundation (CRG) · Barcelona Global Health Institute Private Foundation · Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2) · Adelphi Targis · Forestry Applications and Ecology Research Centre (CREAF).