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Josep Llach Pagés

Josep Llach Pagés

Senior Lecturer UPF-BSM
Director of the Operations, Technology & Science Department

Josep Llach is Senior Lecturer in the Business & Management Strategy department at UPF Barcelona School of Management. A trained Industrial Engineer, he holds a Master's Degree in Business Innovation and Technology Management and has a European PhD with a research stay at Jonköping International Business School (Sweden). He is also a part-time associate professor at the University of Girona, where he had previously been a professor and researcher, and had held several management positions.

His research is mainly in the field of business organization. Specifically, he studies the impact of the implementation of different types of organizational innovations (quality, environment...

  • Business & Management Strategy

  • Doctor by the University of Girona in Law, Economics and Business


  • Master in Supply Chain Management, Technology and Sustainability

  • Director of the Operations, Technology & Science Department - UPF Barcelona School of Management
  • Faculty, Operations, Technology & Science - UPF Barcelona School of Management
  • Faculty - Universitat de Girona

Actividad Investigadora y transferencia

  • PALAU PINYANA, E., LLACH PAGÉS, J., BAGUR FEMENÍAS, L. (2023). Mapping enablers for SDG implementation in the private sector: a systematic literature review and research agenda. Management Review Quarterly.
  • SERRANO-GARCÍA, J., LLACH PAGÉS, J., BIKFALVI, A., ARBELÁEZ-TORO, J. J. (2023). Performance effects of green production capability and technology in manufacturing firms. Journal of Environmental Management.
  • BAGUR FEMENÍAS, L., LLACH PAGÉS, J., BUIL, M. (2023). BS-QUAL: Measuring student perceptions of service quality in business schools, an exploratory study. Tertiary Education and Management.
  • BAGUR FEMENÍAS, L., LLACH PAGÉS, J., ELVIRA BENITO, O., BUIL FABREGÀ, M. (2023). Sustainability practices and student satisfaction in business schools: the role of notoriety and internationalization. Intangible Capital.
  • LLACH PAGÉS, J., VILA-BRUNET, N., MANRESA, A. (2023). Which antecedents contribute most to the loyal behaviour of online second-hand market shoppers? International Journal of Quality and Reliability Management.
  • LLACH PAGÉS, J., OLIVERAS VILLANUEVA, M., PERRAMON COSTA, J. (2022). Impact of service quality and environmental practices on hotel companies: An empirical approach. International Journal of Hospitality Management.
  • LLACH PAGÉS, J., SARTAL, A., LEON-MATEOS, F. (2022). “Do technologies really affect that much? exploring the potential of several industry 4.0 technologies in today’s lean manufacturing shop floors”. Operational Research: an international journal.
  • LLACH PAGÉS, J., CASADESUS, M. (2022). Degree of Standardization and Innovation Capability Dimensions as Driving Forces for Innovation Performance. Quality Innovation Prosperity.
  • LLACH PAGÉS, J., SERRANO GARCÍA, J., BIKFALVI, ANDREA, A., ARBALÁEZ TORO, J. J. (2022). Capabilities and organisational dimensions conducive to green product innovation: evidence from Croatian and Spanish manufacturing firms. Business Strategy and the Environment.
  • LLACH PAGÉS, J., SERRANO GARCÍA, J., BIKFALVI, ANDREA, A., ARBALÁEZ TORO, J. J. (2021). Orchestrating capabilities, organizational dimensions and determinants in the pursuit of green product innovation. Journal of Cleaner Production.
  • MARIMON VIADIU, F., MAS MACHUCA, M., LLACH PAGÉS, J. (2021). Making the long and adventurous journey from quality to loyalty. Total Quality Management and Business Excellence, España.
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  • LLACH PAGÉS, J. (2015). Business model design for university technology valorisation. INTED2015.