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Emma Rodero Antón

Emma Rodero Antón

Full Professor UPF

Full Professor of Media Psychology and Neurocommunication, Department of Communication, Pompeu Fabra University. Ph.D. in Psychology and Communication. Director of the Media Psychology Lab. She conducts research on cognitive processes, attention, and memory, applied to communication, especially the analysis of voice, sound, and nonverbal communication using psychophysiological methods.

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Actividad Investigadora y transferencia

  • RODERO ANTÓN, E., LARREA, O. (2022). Virtual reality with distractors to overcome public speaking anxiety in university students. Comunicar, Huelva, España.
  • RODERO ANTÓN, E., LARREA, O., MAS, L. (2022). Speakers’ expressions before and in a public presentation. Pleasantness, emotional valence, credibility, and comprehension effects. El profesional de la información.
  • RODERO ANTÓN, E. (2022). Perception of the leaders of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Spain in television conferences about Covid-19. El profesional de la información.
  • RODERO ANTÓN, E. (2022). Effectiveness, Attractiveness, and Emotional Response to Voice Pitch and Hand Gestures in Public Speaking. Frontiers in Communication, Gran Bretaña.
  • RODERO ANTÓN, E., ROMERO, L. (2022). Let me listen to where you are. Spatial dimension resources in audio stories can increase imagery, transportation, attention, and recall. Media Psychology.
  • RODERO ANTÓN, E., LARREA, O., RODRÍGUEZ-DE-DIOS, I., LUCAS, I. (2022). The Expressive Balance Effect: Perception and Physiological Responses of Prosody and Gestures. Journal of Language and Social Psychology.
  • RODERO ANTÓN, E., CORES-SARRÍA, L. (2021). Best Prosody for News: A Psychophysiological Study Comparing a Broadcast to a Narrative Speaking Style. Communication Research.
  • RODERO ANTÓN, E. (2021). Competencias de comunicación oral en la educación primaria. El profesional de la información.
  • RODERO ANTÓN, E., POTTER, R. F. (2021). Do not sound like an announcer. The emphasis strategy in commercials. Psychology and Marketing.
  • RODERO ANTÓN, E., LUCAS, I. (2021). Synthetic versus human voices in audiobooks: The human emotional intimacy effect. New Media & Society.
  • MAS, L., BOLLS, P., RODERO ANTÓN, E., BARREDA-ÁNGELES, M., CHURCHILL, A. (2021). The impact of the sonic logo’s acoustic features on orienting responses, emotions and brand personality transmission. Journal of Product and Brand Management.
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  • RODERO ANTÓN, E. (2019). El peso creciente de la voz y el sonido para comunicar en la era digital: el protagonismo de la oralidad.. Anuario AC/E 2018 de cultura digital. Tendencias digitales para la cultura.