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'The World of Yesterday': Stefan Zweig and the early 20th century Europe


May 5, at 4 pm (CET)



Obra de Mario Giacomelli
Priests series (1961-1963), by Mario Giacomelli

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Is Europe in crisis, what is it, where is it coming from, and where is Europe going?

On May 5, literary translator Adan Kovacsics will use the work of Stefan Zweig to answer these questions and to analyze the Europe of the interwar period and what comparisons can be drawn with Europe today. 

To do so, Kovacsics will focus on the Austrian writer's masterpiece «The World of Yesterday: Memoirs of a European» (1941), through which Zweig portrayed a continent that, between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, was in the midst of transformation. 

However, the First World War, known as the "Great War", was a turning point for the old continent and its population. Also for Zweig, who so masterfully described both interwar Europe and its physical and moral collapse in «The World of Yesterday», one of the most moving testimonies of our recent past. 

During the session, Kovacsics will address other famous works by the Austrian writer such as «Fear» (1925) or «Decisive Moments in History» (1927), among others, with which he will help us to think about the concept of crisis in relation to Europe. 

**The webinar will be held in Spanish. 


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