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Talent Boost Week

Prepare yourself: Learn from experts


November 8, 10am to 2pm and 4pm to 5pm


Koiné Room (UPF-BSM)

Prepare Yourself

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As part of Talent Boost Week, the first employability week of the UPF Barcelona School of Management (UPF-BSM), "Prepare yourself: Learn from experts" will be held, a day based on workshops with HR experts who will help students to promote their employability.

From 10am to 2pm, in the Koiné Room, the students of the class of 2023 will be able to learn from recruitment professionals and prepare for the star event of the week: "Connect with companies".

In this way, for more than three hours, experts will guide them to prepare for selection processes and job interviews, to learn about the most in-demand skills in each sector, as well as the general needs of the job market, and to work on their digital personal brand. In fact, for the latter, students already have at their disposal at the eCampus tools such as talent tips to optimise their CV and LinkedIn profiles or to prepare an Elevator Pitch. 


10h - Workshops with HR and recruitment experts

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