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Leaders at UPF-BSM, with Christopher Bickerton and Carlo Invernizzi Accetti


Wednesday June 5th, at 18.30 p.m.


Koiné Room (UPF-BSM)


Technopopulism: The New Logic of Democratic Politics

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  • Prof. Dr. Christopher Bickerton, Professor in Modern European Politics, Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Cambridge.
  • Prof. Dr. Carlo Invernizzi Accetti, Professor of Politica Science and Executive Director, Moynihan Center, City College of New York.
  • Prof. Dr. Rodrigo Cetina, Associate Dean for Education and Academic Affairs and Senior Lecctuer in Law and Public Policy, UPF Barcelona School of Management.



  • Prof. Dr. Jose Manuel Martinez Sierra, Jean Monet ad personam Professor in EU Law and Government, Director General and Provost, UPF Barcelona School of Management.


About the session:

Technocratic appeals to expertise and populist invocations of ‘the people’ have become mainstays of political competition in established democracies. Profs. Bickerton and Accetti, describe this development as the emergence of technopopulism—a new political logic that is being superimposed on the traditional struggle between left and right. Political movements and actors—such as Italy’s Five Star Movement and France’s La Républiqe En Marche—combine technocratic and populist appeals in a variety of ways, as do more established parties that are adapting to the particular set of incentives and constraints implicit in this new, unmediated form of politics. The discussion of this new political logic and its troubling consequences for democracy will be explored vis-à-vis the current realities in Europe and elsewhere and in anticipation of the upcoming European Parliamentary Elections and the 2024 United States Presidential Elections and an unprecedented number of elections this year in Latin America and other countries around the world.

Through a conversation with Prof. Cetina, Carlo Invernizzi Acceti and Christopher Bickerton will share their insights, drawn from their new book Technopopulism and will contrast it with our current reality and volunteer their worries, expectations and predictions for the political futures of our democratic realities.


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