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Human Resources 2030: Taking care of people


May 4th 2021 at 7pm



In the current context, many questions arise for all of us who work in the field of human resources. Questions that are accelerated and accentuated as a result of all the changes that we are experiencing derived from the pandemic: changes in the labour market, economic situation, telework, new mobility solutions, new forms of work, etc.

Human resources areas have to find and declare a purpose aligned with the new needs of people. Beyond the processes that, without a doubt, will have to be ensured, it is necessary to care for and accompany people, adapting to different needs, situations, profiles and businesses.

Will we find a point of balance between results and well-being that makes life in the company sustainable and pleasant?

This webinar will be given by Sílvia Ciurana, professor of the Master in Direction and Management of People in Organizations and Director of Corporate Human Resources at Caixabank.

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