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EOCCS Learning Community Symposium


From September 14 to 15


UPF Barcelona School of Management (C. Balmes, 132-134)

EOCCS Learning Community Symposium

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The UPF Barcelona School of Management will host the event organized by EFMD News named EOCCS Learning Community Symposium.

From digital badges to boot camps, the demand and offer for online learning initiatives have rocketed. As we rely more on remote education, we discover the challenges and opportunities of delivering effective and engaging experiences on digital platforms.

The EOCCS Symposium offers insights into the alternative models of education that have emerged in the digital age. It gathers business schools, companies and other education providers to exchange good practices and explore ways of upgrading the quality of online programmes and upskilling those involved in online education. The symposium is delivered in an innovative hybrid format that extends participation opportunities and transforms theory into practice.

José M. Martínez-Sierra, Director General at UPF-BSM; Rodrigo Cetina-Presuel Associate Dean for Education & Academic Affairs at UPF-BSM and Quico Marin Anglada, Senior Lecturer at UPF-BSM, will be taking part as speakers.

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