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LinkedIn Live

Dialogue on the present and future of supply chains


January 27th 2022 at 4 pm



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On 27 January from 16:00 to 17:00 we will be holding a Linkedin Live to speak about the supply chain. The year 2021 has seen its big crisis, with episodes of collapse that have jeopardised the availability of commodities and caused an exponential increase in the price of transport, which has also had an impact on inflation. 

These events have highlighted the fragility of a global distribution system that, since the 1980s, has been built on the paradigm of cost reduction. In fact, many companies opted for industrial offshoring and low-stock logistics, resulting in increasingly long and thin value chains, which managed to significantly reduce the cost of processes, but at the expense of weakening their service structures.

There is now a very relevant dilemma for the future: will we forget what has happened and when the logistical machinery recovers will we return to the same model? Or will we see real change, with closer, more resilient and sustainable supply chains?

To try to provide answers to these questions, we will organise a Linkedin Live in debate format between Oriol Montanyà, director of the Postgraduate in Supply Chain Management at UPF-BSM, and Jordi Espín, director of strategic relations at the European Shipper's Council. The moderator of the event will be the journalist Aitor Vieco, director of Mercantil.

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