Entrepreneurship Summer School

4 MAY 2021
Information sessions
16:00h, Online
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Discover the latest trends in entrepreneurship, incorporate new tools and knowledge, develop your business project, and present it to a group of entrepreneurship experts.

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  • Entrepreneurship
  • Post COVID-19
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12 July, 2021 (To be confirmed)
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16 July, 2021 (To be confirmed)
Monday to Friday from 12 am. to 7 pm.
ECTS credits
1500 €

The Entrepreneurship Summer School will allow you to get to know the latest trends related to entrepreneurship, especially in innovative companies or start-ups.

The Summer School will be held in Barcelona, a city that has one of the most active startup ecosystems in Europe, although you can also follow it online.

The Entrepreneurship Summer School will explore the following subjects:

  • Trends in entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial strategy
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Business Innovation
  • Multichannel Marketing
  • Financing and financial business

Enrolment in this program will also allow you to attend the Rethinking Management conferences on the main management challenges in the post COVID-19 era.

Why choose this program


European university of reference

The UPF Barcelona School of Management is part of UPF, one of the most prominent higher education institutions in Europe according to the Times Higher Education ranking.


Learn from a prestigious teaching team

You will be trained by excellent teachers from the UPF-BSM and UPF, and also by renowned professionals who will contribute their knowledge and experience in multiple sectors.


Get to know the latest trends in entrepreneurship

Get ready to start your new project in an environment that has changed forever. Incorporate new tools and knowledge in order to innovate in the post COVID-19 era.


Get to know the entrepreneurial context of Barcelona

The city of Barcelona is the fifth most important business hub in the world (EU-Startups Ranking, 2020). Discover a capital that supports start-up companies.


Learn with a unique teaching model

Personalized, interdisciplinary, and management-based as a practical resource to bring ideas to life. You can follow the course on-campus or online.

Who is it for?

The Entrepreneurship Summer School is aimed at university graduates who, preferably, are undertaking or have completed an MBA or Master of Science in business and management. It is also designed for professionals interested in the fields of entrepreneurship and start-up management.

Admission and enrolment


The program will allow you to get to know the latest trends related to entrepreneurship and develop your own business idea, in order to finally present it to a group of entrepreneurship experts.
The Entrepreneurship Summer School combines lectures, workshops, contact with entrepreneurs, and the creation of an entrepreneurship model.

Compulsory subjects

Trends in entrepreneurial ecosystems. How to plan an entrepreneurial strategy

The seminar will address the following questions: the factors that make an entrepreneurial ecosystem a success, Barcelona as a successful ecosystem, the importance of a start-up starting, its activity in this type of environment, and finally, the reasons why Barcelona attracts international capital, companies, and talent.

Start-up Presentations

Speeches by Eulogi Bordas (Photoslurp), Xavier Claveria (Santafixie), and Christian Rodriguez (Byhours)
The start-ups entrepreneurs will explain their experience, the problems they have faced and where they are currently. Later there will be a discussion, where the participants will be able to ask questions related to entrepreneurship.

From the idea to the plan (Canvas) or Business models

The seminar will address business model innovation and the key factors in determining their success, especially the importance of technology in business models. Finally, the various types of innovation that occur in companies will be discussed.

Canvas analysis

During the workshop we will go through your own Canvas model, analysing each part of it and trying to solve any doubts or problems that you may have with your idea. Thanks to the Canvas model, we will identify the weaknesses and strengths of the project and try to solve or strengthen them.

Presentations in public (Part I)

Today it is no longer enough to have a good idea or project, especially for MBA students and future professionals. It is essential to know how to convey these projects with credibility and effectiveness. In this class, participants will learn communication strategies that engage the audience and communicate ideas clearly and convincingly in attractive presentations. To do this, we will work on the verbal part, the speech, and the nonverbal part: posture, voice, and gestures.

Logistics - Last Mile ecommerce

In this session we will analyse the elements involved in the logistics process of electronic commerce. We will see different alternatives and success factors for designing the "last mile" in an efficient, productive, and sustainable way. We will also explain how to combine the logistics dimension with the technical and urban dimensions.

How to design an omnichannel strategy in my organization

Omnichannel marketing is a strategy that integrates the offline and online environments, bringing together the strengths of both in order to establish synergies between them. This becomes a challenge for companies since the consumer can continually change the form of communication and the purchasing channel, which requires a completely unified message, language, and environment.
In this session we will learn about real cases of omnichannel marketing and we will learn to use a methodology that will allow companies to make a planned and co-ordinated transition towards a fully integrated marketing environment.

Marketing plan design

During the workshop the students will work on their own Marketing Plan in order to fix the main ideas and actions regarding the marketing of their project, with the aim of working on what has been explained in the previous sessions.

Start-up financing

How are start-ups financed? There are some different alternatives, depending on the stage the start-up is at. But there is something that an entrepreneur must have in mind when looking for funds: what do investors expect from the start-up, and what can the entrepreneur expect from investors once they pour their money into the company?

Financial plan

In this workshop we are going to study what techniques we can apply to create the financial plan of the company. After an introductory part, we are going to elaborate the main financial requirements using a template, and study how to make predictions and arrive at the valuation of the company.

Presentations in public (Part II)
Start-up Presentations

Students will present their project, which they have developed and shaped throughout the week, to an investor. The objective of these presentations is to simulate the participant presenting their project before investors. Once the presentation is finished, they will receive feedback from the main teachers, as well as the guest.

Qualification obtained

Una vez superado el programa, se otorgará el diploma “Summer School: Jumping on the Wave: Toolkit for Post COVID-19 Management” expedido por la Barcelona School of Management.

After completing the program, participants will obtain a “Entrepreneurship Summer School” certificate, issued by UPF Barcelona School of Management.


Academic directors

Josep Maria Galí Izard

Vice Dean of Executive Education
Senior Lecturer BSM

Susana Domingo Pérez

Head of the Strategy and Entrepreneurship Area
Senior Lecturer BSM


Jeffrey Myles Breyer
Oriol Montanyà Vilalta

Lecturer BSM

Emma Rodero Antón

Associate Professor UPF-BSM

Carolina Luis Bassa

Senior Lecturer BSM

Ernest Solé Udina

Senior Lecturer BSM

Andrei Boar Boar

Teaching  BSM

Fàtima Vidal Ayuso

Teaching Assistant BSM

Nicole Kalemba

Lecturer BSM

  • Eulogi Bordas
    CEO & Co-Founder of Photoslurp
  • Xavier Claveria
    Founder and former CEO of Santafixie
  • Christian Rodríguez
    Founder of Byhours
  • David Solà
    Principal at Caixa Capital Risc


The program combines lectures, workshops, contact with entrepreneurs, and the creation of an entrepreneurship model.

The On-Campus&Live methodology allows you to follow the program in person and also remotely.
In this modality, two stable subgroups are opened that will coexist throughout the course: one face-to-face and the other with 100% remote students. The remote students will follow the program in a synchronous way with the face-to-face students. That is, they will share the same school calendar and schedule as the face-to-face students.
Personalized, interdisciplinary, and based on management as a practical resource for bringing ideas to life.


Professional Future

Admission and enrolment

  1. Fill in the online admission form and accept the Contract Terms and Conditions.
  2. You will receive access details for eRegistrar, the admission and enrolment management platform.
  3. Upload a copy of your ID (both sides) and curriculum.
  4. Your profile will be evaluated.
  5. If your application is accepted, you must pay the amount for the program. Choose one of the two payment options:
  • Credit card: you will be given direct access.
  • Bank transfer: when you select this option, the instructions and the bank account information will appear on the screen. You will also receive them by email (check your spam folder if you think you have not received it).

If you have any questions, you can get in touch using the "Request information" form or by sending an email to summerschool@bsm.upf.edu

Who can apply?

The course is aimed at university graduates who, preferably, are undertaking or have completed an MBA or Master of Science in business and management. It is also designed for professionals interested in the field of entrepreneurship and start-up management. 

Grants, scholarships and financing

Grants and discounts

Entrepreneurship Summer School

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