Education for companies

In-company education from UPF Barcelona School of Management responds to the needs of businesses and the market with custom-designed professional solutions. Our solutions, delivered by a team of UPF's expert consultants, are closely linked to business strategy and are adapted to the needs and objectives of each organization.

Thanks to our expertise in a wide range of areas, customers such as LaCaixa, Cuatrecasas, Grifols, Gas Natural Fenosa, PwC, Catalana Occidente, Novartis, Deloitte and Volkswagen-Audi have chosen in-company education with UPF.

What do we offer?

  • Specialization programs: Master programs, postgraduate courses and custom courses delivered through different methods and formats.
  • Talent development solutions: Specialized training in talent management to help organizations strengthen their human capital.
  • Training paths: Modular training leading to progressive qualifications in accordance with the participants' functions and professional profile.

How do we work?

The student takes an active role in his/her own learning process, ensuring that each solution is adapted to the needs and strategy of the organization in 4 simple steps:

  1. Consultation and analysis: We perform a diagnosis of the company, revealing the focus and objectives of the training and the specific needs of the participants.
  2. Conceptualization and design: We draw up the training solution, keeping the needs of the organization and the training objectives in mind. These will determine the methodology and academic approach.
  3. Development of the program: Once the program has been set up, we monitor the production of content and applied methodologies, the in-classroom teaching and the responses of the participants and the organization itself.
  4. Evaluation and closing: Once training is over, we evaluate the skills acquired and participant satisfaction in order to predict future needs and to find ways to improve.

Why UPF Barcelona School of Management?

Our corporate training brings together key aspects for the competitive development of any organization:

  • High quality, rigorous content, delivered by renowned teaching professionals from Pompeu Fabra University. Training academically accredited by means of a university certification.
  • An innovative, participative and dynamic methodology, with pedagogical excellence applied to creating materials and to in-class teaching.
  • Flexibility in formats (masters, postgraduate programs, specialization courses, workshops, etc.) and methods (face-to-face, online, blended).
  • Practical application of all content so that it can be transferred to the workplace and linked with the business.