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Cursos d'Administració i Direcció d'Empreses

Business Administration and Management Courses

UPF-BSMBusiness Administration and Management

The UPF Barcelona School of Management offers you the possibility to stay up to date with international business through a range of many courses.

Business Administration and Management

Continuing education is one of the cornerstones of learning and specialization. Aimed at those who want to start their careers and working professionals who want to expand their knowledge or master new tools, the UPF-BSM’s courses will help you specialize in specific sector areas or sectors, allowing you to improve your leadership skills and manage new business initiatives. 

Our range of Business Administration and Management courses adapt to the needs of organizations. It currently offers you the opportunity to train in specific aspects of trade and international markets, such as business opportunities in Europe, Asia and Latin America, as well as to specialize in international contracting and customs management.  

The courses are taught by lecturers from the UPF Barcelona School of Management and the Department of Economics and Business of the UPF, as well as academics from international universities and executives from leading businesses in different sectors.

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