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Comptabilitat i Finances

Accounting and Finance Courses

UPF-BSMAccounting and Finance

Specialization and remaining up to date are essential for someone pursuing a career in finance and accounting.  

Accounting and Finance

Our internationally recognised and highly regarded courses are geared towards providing you with the up-to-date knowledge you need in accounting and finance. 

Specializing in areas like international operations, cost management and balance sheet consolidation will allow you to continue improving as an expert professional. Our courses are aimed at professionals interested in the world of finance: controllers, financial directors, accountants, consultants, auditors, risk analysts, investors, etc.  

Tax aspects, audits, investments, mergers and acquisitions, financial management, budget management, futures, options and currencies, new trends in financial accounting... There are many options to choose from to deepen your knowledge in this area. All courses are taught by prestigious lecturers from the Department of Economics and Business at Pompeu Fabra University and by professionals with extensive experience in leading companies, so you can choose the one that best suits your professional reality.

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