We move forward with organizations

We move forward with organizations

We offer rigorous education that is based on in-depth market knowledge and designed to impact your business performance. Customization and adaptation to your strategic challenges, co-creation of programs, flexibility of formats and teaching methods and comprehensive project management ensure that our training for companies meets their objective: to contribute to the creation of economic, social and environmental value

We develop in-house talent

Only flexible and specialized education can increase the intelligence of organizations. More than 150 companies, organizations and institutions have tried it.

Specialization courses

Our specialization courses, predesigned or tailor-made, have a direct impact on the generation of results, boost innovation within the business and improve the competitiveness of the organization.

Executive know-how

The range of both Executive Education and tailor-made executive development courses provide a global vision (social, economic and organizational) aimed at strengthening human capital and the organization’s contribution to society.

Corporate Universities

With our educational programs and corporate universities, we will help you to comprehensively structure the professional growth of your organization. The aim is to achieve a wide-reaching impact on the company.

Capture the talent of your business 

Many organizations discover young professionals among the students at the UPF Barcelona School of Management. We have tools for you to identify the talent you are looking for.

Post on JobTeaser

The JobTeaser platform allows you to post internship and job offers to recruit candidates. You will find a multi-disciplinary and varied pool of students: from recent graduates who are beginning to specialize, to professionals with years of experience.


Support professional growth

We invite the experts from your company to contribute their knowledge to our future professionals by giving a course, workshop or corporate presentation as part of our Talent Up program. Share your experience of the world of work with our students.

Speed networking 

A speed networking event with our students will not take up much of your time, but meeting and interacting with students and Alumni of the UPF Barcelona School of Management promises results. You will capture talent.


Establish a University-Business relationship

From the encounter between the business and university, worlds come scholarships, internships, postgraduate programs, masters, and applied research. Everything is passed on to society, which is enriched by this partnership.

Observatories: reflection and transfer

Our Observatories have a dual focus. On the one hand, they develop studies and tailor-made projects that promote action in companies and public institutions. And on the other, they organize activities to transfer knowledge to society.


Studies: direct collaboration

The UPF Barcelona School of Management collaborates with companies, institutions and organizations, providing them with teams of top-level researchers to carry out studies of trends, sectoral analyses, market surveys and offer opinions, etc.


Hold your events in the centre of Barcelona

Many companies, organizations, and institutions hold conferences, congresses, award ceremonies, seminars, and showrooms in our main building. Located in the center of Barcelona, the Balmes Building (near Rambla de Catalunya, Passeig de Gràcia, and La Pedrera) boasts several technically equipped spaces for holding events and corporate activities.