SDG Group Data Economy Chair


This Chair, created in 2020, is intended to promote research within the scope of the Data Economy, with particular interest in studying market needs and the impact of new technologies on the market.


  • To promote research and spread knowledge about the Data Economy.
  • To extract lessons to take strategic decisions within business sectors that may find new technologies useful.
  • To convey the reflections to interest groups.

Director of the Chair

Susana Domingo

Lecturer at UPF Barcelona School of Management and Head of the Strategy and Entrepreneurship Area. 

Activities in the Academic Year 2019/2020 

Production of the business case study: “TIC116 Digital Data Driven”, prepared by Susana Domingo and August Mabilon.

Planned Activities in the Academic Year 2020/2021

  • Production of two business case studies:
  1. A case of the cost structure in a motor industry company (planned completion date: February 2021).
  2. A case in the online grocery distribution sector (planned completion date: April 2021).
  • Holding a talk on Trends in the Data Economy and Ethics in Business Analytics (planned for May/June 2021).
  • A technical report or a study based on data and ethics.