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Observatori de Lideratge en l’Empresa

Business Leadership Observatory

UPF-BSMBusiness Leadership Observatory

The Business Leadership Observatory is an applied research space which focuses on the current challenges of organizations and offers them tools for innovating, which help to make them fairer and more sustainable.

The Observatory for Leadership in Business is a space for applied research and a forum for dialogue that develops knowledge to generate levers of change in the world of work. These transformations are aimed at both managers and those who work under them, so that they achieve a much higher level of personal satisfaction and the achievement of business objectives.

The observatory is committed to focusing on current global and local issues and topics, to provide answers and strategies that drive innovation, social transformation and people's well-being, through organizations and leaders with a vocation for leadership.

Research, knowledge transfer, and communication are the essential tools of the observatory, in accordance with the mission and values of the UPF-BSM. 

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  • To analyze and study the phenomena and challenges affecting companies in each social and economic context.
  • Extract the causes, offer good formulas for debate, and provide recommendations. 
  • Generate knowledge and transfer it to companies and society in general. 
  • To promote change towards a fairer and more equitable society. 



Silvia Cóppulo

Sílvia Cóppulo

Director of the Business Leadership Observatory

Graduate in Psychology, PhD in Communication.  
Journalist, teacher, and researcher.  
Director of the Business Leadership Observatory, UPF-BSM.
Director and presenter of radio and television programmes, with extensive experience in Catalunya Ràdio and TV3. 
Writer for the Periódico de Catalunya.
Lecturer in Communication and Leadership subjects at the university level (Master in Human Resources Management, UPF-BSM) and for companies and organizations. 

Erola Palau Pinyana

Erola Palau Pinyana


Graduated in International Business and Languages from the Rotterdam Business School, Master of Science in Management and Business Analytics from UPF-BSM.

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Master in Human Resources Management.
The master's degree teaches the operation of a People Department: payroll, contracts, employee agreements, internal communication, selection, recruiting, talent retention and management, occupational risk prevention, labor relations, career plans, development plans for managers, training plans, coaching, etc.


Sílvia Cóppulo Martinez
Director of the Business Leadership Observatory

+34 638 68 18 10 and +34 626 036 182