Postgraduate Course in Video Editing


A practical, theory-based course

  • Theory classes on the creative editing process and the use of editing programs (Pro Tools, After Effects and Da Vinci).
  • Classes reviewing the work produced by students outside of class. These projects will involve experimenting with different types of editing (narrative, musical, collage etc.).
  • Individual projects.

Materials and equipment

  • Classes will be based on audiovisual content provided by the teachers. In some sessions students will be required to provide their own content or archive footage they have retrieved. Students will have access to the university's cameras if they wish to film their own content.
  • Students will work individually (1 PC per student)
  • Pro Tools, After Effects and Da Vinci will be the main editing programs used.
  • Videos:

Límites 1ª Persona (2009), León Siminani:

Digital (2003), León Siminiani:

En construcción (José Luis Guerin, 2001). Montaje: Mercedes Álvarez, Núria Esquerra:

La leyenda del tiempo (Isaki Lacuesta, 2006):

Las variaciones Marker (Isaki Lacuesta, Sergi Dies, 2007):

Rêverie (Ana Pfaff, 2009):

Mensajes de Voz (Fernando Franco, 2007). Montaje: David Pinillos:


For their final project, students create their own film based on editing techniques. They begin work on the project, which may be either a short or full-length film, at the beginning of the course.


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