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The UPF is the fourth best university in Europe and the first university in Spain, according to U-Multirank.

22 Septiembre - 2021
Ranking U-Multirank
Ranking U-Multirank

The 8th edition of the U-Multirank, the ranking promoted by the European Union, places the UPF as the fourth university of Europe, three places higher than last year, and remains the first of Spain. At European level, Pompeu Fabra lies behind College Cork (Ireland), Aalto (Finland) and École Centrale de Nantes (France).

The UPF gets the highest grade (A) in 16 indicators: 6 in research, 3 in international orientation, 3 in territorial engagement, 3 in knowledge transfer and 1 in teaching and learning

It is aclassification proposal within the attainment-Multirank with predetermined criteria, although this is not the main goal of the ranking, which is presented as an open list to evaluate the activity of universities according to the criteria of the user. This year, the list compares 1,945 universities (a thousand from Europe and 79 universities from Spain), belonging to 96 countries around the world, with about 5,000 faculties and more than 12,000 programs, of 30 thematic areas.

UPF gets the highest grade in sixteen flags

U-Multirank uses a multidimensional approach to show the strengths and weaknesses of the institutions and compare the performance of universities in 42 different indicators, distributed in five dimensions: research, international orientation, territorial commitment, knowledge transfer, and teaching and learning. It rates the different indicators with a grade ranging from "A" (very good) to "E" (delete).

In the score table, the UPF achieves 16 “A”, one more than in the previous edition, namely 6 in research, 3 in international orientation, 3 in territorial engagement, 3 in knowledge transfer and 1 in teaching and learning. The remaining grades for the University are 9 "B", 4 "C", 2 "D", 1 "E" and in 10 indicators it is not measurable or not applicable. After the UPF, at state level, the Carlos III universities of Madrid and Polytechnic of Catalonia, with 13 "A" each of the chapels.

Data included in the ranking comes from several sources, providing users with a complete set of information: data provided by institutions; extracted from bibliometric databases and international patents; from national databases; and surveys to more than 100,000 students from the participating universities.

Importance of University Cooperation

In this edition, the U-Multirank, which is funded by the European Commission's Erasmus + programme, the Bertelsmann Foundation and Grupo Santander, places emphasis on the positive effects of cooperation at local and international level, an area in which European universities are well located. To this end, it has created a cooperation index, which takes into account various aspects, such as strategic alliances, international joint qualities, international joint publications, or joint regional publications and with industry.

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