Sustainability Observatory News

20 Jun - 2022

The UPF-BSM Sustainability Observatory publishes a book with twelve cross-cutting perspectives on planetary wellbeing

It is a trilingual publication with twelve articles written by experts in different disciplines who approach sustainability from different perspectives
20 Jun - 2022

"Companies that do not incorporate sustainability within their mission are doomed to fail”

Ana Palencia, Communication Director of Unilever; Marc Ros, CEO of After and Marcos Eguiguren, Director of the International Chair of Sustainable Finance, discuss the role of sustainability in the bus...
20 Jun - 2022

"The office must offer more than just a space to work in"

Ana Freire, Director of the Academic Area of Operations, Technology and Science at UPF-BSM; Nia Plamenova, lecturer on the Master in Human Resources Management at UPF-BSM; Jorge Salas, Chief Mark...
10 May - 2022

Green consumers: a business opportunity for brands

Green consumers translate their commitment to planetary well-being into their purchasing habits and tend to be wellinformed consumers
8 Mar - 2022

80% of IBEX-35 companies fail to comply with gender equality requirements

Women continue to be under-represented in management bodies, even in Spain's benchmark stock market index. Eighty per cent of listed companies do not comply with gender equality requirements and six o...
7 Mar - 2022

Up to 428 companies have left Lleida in the last 6 years, according to a study by UdL and UPF-BSM

Up to 428 companies have left Lleida in the last six years, a figure that accounts for 3.2% of the total companies in the territory, according to the Survey on the relocation of companies from th...
1 Feb - 2022

Global supply chains take another hit

While supply chains are still recovering from the so-called container crisis, another major event is looming that will have a major impact: the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. In an article publi...
15 Feb - 2022

Sport and sustainability: game on the line

Sport must be exemplary in its management and commit to practices based on sport ecology to mitigate some of the environmental consequences arising from its activity. The director of the Master in Spo...
25 Jan - 2022

Do we pollute when we store our information in the cloud?

The cloud is made up of computers that store and process data of all kinds, dissipating heat in a single space. This huge amount of work can raise the temperature of the room considerably and, therefo...
18 Jan - 2022

Green social media for a better reputation

Talking about sustainability in social media does not reverse negative feelings about a brand, but it increases trust in it and improves its image. This is proven by several recent studies and explain...
15 Dec - 2021

The UPF-BSM Sustainability Observatory wins the Barcelona Sustainable Tourism Award

The Sustainability Observatory, led by Oriol Montanyà, receives the Barcelona Sustainable Tourism Award in the economic field for having built an educational bridge between scientific knowledge and so...
14 Dec - 2021

Spotlight on companies for carbon footprinting

With the new Spanish Climate Change Law, companies will have to calculate their carbon footprint, as well as draw up and publishing greenhouse gas reduction plans. What impact will this have on the fu...
12 Oct - 2021

Are we recycling properly in Catalonia?

A study conducted by students at Pompeu Fabra University in May 2021, focusing mainly on consumers in Catalonia, asks questions related to the way we recycle at home. The research obtained some findin...
28 Sep - 2021

Global logistics collapse threatens Christmas campaign

The situation of exceptional collapse that international maritime logistics is suffering may jeopardize the supply of all kinds of products, especially in periods of peak consumption such as those tha...
28 Sep - 2021

The economy of the future could be circular

What do car sharing , telematic meetings via Zoom, and recycling have in common? The three activities are examples of what is known as circular economy. The circular economy represents a paradigm...