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Experts from Deloitte Legal and UPF-BSM discuss sobre global talent and international mobility

2 Noviembre - 2023
evento deloitte

“The Human Resources areas of any organization must take into account the relationship that global talent has with international mobility processes and the impact that this mobility has on an extremely competitive global world, full of uncertainties and constant changes”, reflected Mariano de Las Heras, the Academic Director of the Postgraduate Course in Human Resources: Internationalization and Global Mobility, run by the UPF Barcelona School of Management, in his welcome speech at the conference ‘Global Talent. Already a new reality’, organized by the Custom Program Department of the UPF-BSM and Deloitte Legal. At the event, a group of experts from Deloitte Legal shared and presented their insights on global talent and international mobility. 

The event was held within the framework of the new partnership agreement that the UPF Barcelona School of Management and Deloitte Legal signed on 18 October with the aim of preparing professionals and companies to tackle the challenges posed by international mobility for business management, from the perspective of internationalization and global mobility.

The international mobility of people is a decisive and crucial factor in any talent strategy of a company. Faced with such a changeable reality, one of the challenges that companies have to overcome is the emergence of new legal and employment figures that have developed in relation to international remote working. The Partner responsible for the Employment, Social Security and Immigration Department at  Deloitte Legal, Susana Burgueño emphasized that “remote working has become an imperative factor for  companies if we want to attract and retain talent and enhance the employee experience”. 

It was then the turn of Luis Carlos Moya, the Partner responsible for the Compensation and Benefits section of Deloitte Legal, who analyzed the evolution of aspects of remuneration over the last 20 years. “Information symmetry, diversity, remote working and pay transparency are the four factors that have changed most” explained Moya. In this regard, he emphasized that “companies are increasingly diverse, not only with respect to these four factors, but also in terms of diversity of training, experiences and families, as well as a far higher degree of technology and global competition”.

Lastly, Ana Zarazaga, the Partner responsible for the Global Employer Services at Deloitte Legal, presented the results of a study conducted with 822 companies in relation to international remote working. “We are facing one of the greatest challenges of recent times: talent retention. We are now starting to realize that we have people working all over the world and the employee experience is fundamental. Therefore, we have no option but to implement mobility policies within companies”, she emphasized. 

International remote working must now be a feature of any company plan and it is important to develop new forms of contracting, compensation and mobility, as these are now key aspects of a company’s international business strategy.

Internationalization and social impact through education

Our partnership with Deloitte Legal has resulted in a specialist training program designed to align global with mobility programs, to train professionals equipped to tackle all these new challenges. 

The Postgraduate Course in Human Resources: Internationalization and Global Mobility, which will begin classes on 23 January 2024, is designed for technical professionals and or managers with experience in international Human Resources management and international mobility projects, as well as professionals in different areas of Human Resources (labor relations, compensation and benefits, selection, training and development) who are keen to specialize in Human Resources internationalization and international mobility.

This program strives to help identify, define and implement different techniques and strategies based on the experience of the different speakers, professionals and experts from the postgraduate program, thereby enabling students to align talent and mobility policies with the aim of positioning themselves and competing effectively in modern economic scenarios.

Moreover, Directors of Human Resources, Compensation and Mobility at leading companies in the market will take part in some of the sessions.

Find out more about the course (enrollment period now open):

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