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Ramon Xifré Oliva

Ramon Xifré Oliva

Associate Professor UPF

Ramon Xifré holds a PhD in Economics from the Universidad Carlos III, a Master in Economics and Philosophy from the London School of Economics and a Bachelor of Economic and Business Sciences from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. He is a professor in the Department of Business & Management Strategy at UPF Barcelona School of Management. He is a professor at ESCI-UPF and a researcher at the IESE Public Sector-Private Sector Center.

He has directed numerous research projects on policies to promote competitiveness (internationalization, innovation and business dynamism)...

  • Business & Management Strategy


  • Master of Science in Sustainability Management

Actividad Investigadora y transferencia

  • SERRA-PARAREDA, F., AGUADO, R., ARFELIS ESPINOSA, S., XIFRÉ OLIVA, R., FULLANA-I-PALMER, P., DELGADO-AGUILAR, M. (2022). Techno-economic and environmental evaluation of a market pulp reinforced with micro-/nanofibers as a strengthening agent in packaging paper. Journal of Cleaner Production.
  • CAMPS-POSINO, L., BATLLE, L., BALA GALA, A., SONG, G., QUIAN, H., ALDACO, R., ... FULLANA PALMER, P. (2021). Potential climate benefits of reusable packaging in food delivery services. A Chinese case study. Science of the Total Environment.
  • XIFRÉ OLIVA, R. (2021). Non-Price Competitiveness Factors—A simple measure and implications for the five largest euro area countries. The World Economy.
  • XIFRÉ OLIVA, R. (2020). New development: Eloquent silence—civil service career development in the EU financial assistance programmes conditionality. Public Money and Management.
  • XIFRÉ OLIVA, R., KASPERSKAYA, Y. (2020). The analytical capacity of budgetary administrations: the case of the Euro area. Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting and Financial Management.
  • XIFRÉ OLIVA, R. (2020). The Political Value of Internal Devaluation in the Euro Area Crisis. Global Policy, Gran Bretaña.
  • BATLLE-BAYER, L., BALA GALA, A., ALBERTÍ, J., XIFRÉ OLIVA, R., ALDACO, R., FULLANA-I-PALMER, P. (2020). Food affordability and nutritional values within the functional unit of a food LCA. An application on regional diets in Spain.. Resources, conservation and recycling, Holanda (Países Bajos).
  • KASPERSKAYA, Y., XIFRÉ OLIVA, R. (2019). Reform or resist? The tale of two fiscal reforms in Spain after the crisis. Public Money and Management.