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Innovative teams for an accelerated market


14 d'abril de 2021 de 15 a 16h



How do companies innovate in the world? How they do it will be the difference between being able or not to survive.

Innovation consists of generating proposals in the market that are perceived as the best value. It is about transforming, modifying and improving what we offer customers to give them a better product or service.

To innovate is to improve some components of the “business model”. In this sense, the opportunities for innovation are very diverse, and can include proposing new products, having new customers, new features, new purchasing models or new channels, among others.

Innovation is not a sporadic individual action, but a systematic team activity. All companies, regardless of their size, must innovate to be more competitive and respond dynamically to the new needs of customers and the market, offering new solutions. And the best way to do that is to prepare the human talent of the organization to do so in an increasingly complex environment.

Why to innovate, who, when to do it, what it consists of, how it is done or how to measure its success are some of the questions that will be answered in this Webinar.


Alfons Cornella: Founder of Infonomia and the Institute of Next, service companies to rethink the future of companies and organizations, with a special focus on innovation in business models. He is constantly exploring international innovation ecosystems. Academic Director Master in Business Transformation through innovation at UPF-BSM

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