Training paths

Commited to contribute to the education of high-potential professionals, a group of in-company expert consultants at UPF Barcelona School of Management develope customized training paths adapted to the needs of talented individuals and groups. Training paths allow employees in an organization to acquire job-related specialized skills progressively. They are structured in individual modules called "focus courses" that, when combined, lead to the attainment of higher qualifications.

How do we do it?

  1. The organization identifies a high-potential group of employees and decides to train them with specific skills.
  2. A team of UPF Barcelona School of Management incompany consultants meets the organization and analyses its specific training needs jointly.
  3. From our in-company consulting service we design the corresponding customized training path. Training paths are structured in a modular fashion (through cumulative "focus courses") and in a gradual sequence (beginning with one course, with the option to extend it into a postgraduate course or a master program).
  4. Once the training is over, participants receive a university qualification recognised by the UPF's international prestige.

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