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Marcelo Ortiz Muñoz

Assistant Professor UPF

  • Finance & Control


  • Master of Science in Management specialization in Marketing

Actividad Investigadora y transferencia

  • DURAN, P., ORTIZ MUÑOZ, M., CARNEY, M. (2024). More than Money: Political Participation by Elite Business Families. Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice.
  • ORTIZ MUÑOZ, M., OTROS , O. (2023). Mandatory Financial Disclosure and M&A Activity. The Review of Financial Studies.
  • ORTIZ MUÑOZ, M., DURAN, P., CARNEY, M., RIUTORT, J., BRAUN, M. (2021). Inheritance tax, shareholder protection, and the market value of family firms: A cross-country analysis. Global Strategy Journal.
  • ORTIZ MUÑOZ, M., DURAN, P. (2020). When More Is Better: Multifamily Firms and Firm Performance. Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice.