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Master in Publishing

Twenty years of teaching publishing

It's been thirteen years since 1995, when UPF Barcelona School of Management first started its first postgraduate course in Publishing, which was the original course of what is now the prestigious and internationally renowned Master's in Publishing. It has dedicated these fourteen years to the training of future publishers and the development of professionals in the book industry. Fourteen years of sharing experiences with leaders in this sector and learning from the finest international specialists. Fourteen years of constant effort and re-invention in order to adapt to the needs of the publishing world and review the latest trends so as to exploit its successes and put right its mistakes. Fourteen years of dedication to discretion and fair play so that new generations of publishers can produce better, finer quality books.

Thanks to the generous and faithful support of publishers, printers and institutions in the sector, the Master's in Publishing has made it possible to develop an eminently practical program immersed in current publishing issues, with the vocation of serving the book industry and always with the latest approaches, materials and technology. Those young professionals who have taken part on the program know that it implies total involvement in the publishing sector; being fully aware of the past but with eyes set firmly on the future, feet on the ground and hands ready to get down to work. This has only been possible thanks to the collaboration of key companies and professionals who offer their constant support and participate year after year to give budding publishers the best theoretical and practical training.

It is precisely the Master's program's commitment to real situations and its deep roots in the publishing sector which require it to be pragmatic, dynamic and internationally focused, so that future publishers can really get to know the ins and outs of the complex and fascinating process which culminates when a book reaches the readers' hands.