Useful Measurement: metrics, tools and trends


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06 February 2019
End of program:
15 February 2019
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Can you prove that Communication brings value to the business?

Decision making based on data and communication as a strategic asset for organizations is a challenge for professionals in the sector.

To achieve this goal we must define measurable objectives linked to the strategic objectives of the business and provide concrete data on the impact of communication.

Measuring communication is a challenge that nobody has yet been able to overcome completely. This intensive course will update you on the main challenges and trends, reflecting on three key issues:

  • Why is it important to measure?
  • What can we measure and what can not? What metrics and indicators are valid?
  • How can we measure efficiently? What traditional tools are valid, what new tools are available and which ones should be created?


The main objectives of this course are:

  • To present the main contributions, tools and trends of the sector that allow us to manage the processes and measure the results in communication.
  • To reflect on the benefits, opportunities, risks and threats of carrying out a good measurement strategy or not.
  • To build a joint reflection on the present and the future in this field.

Who is it for?

This intensive program is aimed at directors and communication technicians and graduates with relevant professional experience in this field.